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a lovely mug ...

I am a mug of tea sort of girl, not a cup and saucer one.

What pretty mugs these are, my recent bargain buy from Ponden Mill. I very rarely buy new kitchen china, everything I have bought over the years is still going strong and I am a stickler for getting wear out of things and will only throw anything away if chipped, but I couldn't resist these for £2.99 for the set of four.

My perfect brew:
Use a good quality teabag.
Teabags must be stored in an airtight container at room temperature.
Always use freshly drawn boiling water, not water boiled more than once.
Allow the teabag to brew.
Add milk last.

I shall be off now to make myself a nice cuppa in one of my new chintzy mugs, lovely!

Oooh, just opened up one of my kitchen cupboards and there was a house spider looking up at me, it did make me jump, luckily it seemed a bit dozy so I coaxed it into a plastic jug and managed to get it out in the garden, although I have read, that as soon as you put them out it doesn't take them long to find their way back in again!

Why is there more house spiders racing around your skirting boards at this time of year, well it's because they are males looking for a mate, this is fact!


Joanna said...

Lovely mugs, with such a pretty pattern.

Anonymous said...

Cute mugs, Louise! ~ Lynda ♥

Celia Hart said...

Neat mugs! My studio is fueled by mugs of tea. I'm just about to make the first post lunch cuppa. The Archers on Radio 4 in a while.... hope the Afternoon Play's good.... something a bit mysterious with Bill Nighy would be great.... or someone else with a good radio voice.... but whatever, if I'm concentrating hard I don't really take it in!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh Louise
Just reading the word 'spider' brings me out in a cold sweat!
Now you mention good quality tea..
have you tried Yorkshire Blend tea bags? They also sell a 'Hard Water' version. I am a real convert!
Now about that lemon meringue pie.. can you post me a slice please... better still email it! It is quicker!
P.s Thanks so much for adding my blog ... v kind of you! I would like to return the gesture..