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evening out ...

I had a good catch up with friends this evening, Fiona, Helene, Jackie C, Jackie R and Valerie, we meet up every so often and have done for many years, usually to celebrate our birthdays.

I booked for us to go to Meze-Meze, a Greek restaurant close to where I live, it only opened recently and has been furbished in a very modern, contemporary style. None of us had eaten there before so we didn’t really know what to expect, I think it matched all our expectations. We all decided not to have a starter and headed straight for the main meals listed on the menu, examples being Keftedes (crispy beef and mint meatballs), Moussaka (mince, aubergine, courgette, potato, covered in bechamel sauce), Kleftiko (slow roasted lamb) and Stifado (braised beef in red wine). For desserts included Rizogalo (rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with honey), Baklava (filo pastry with nuts and spices topped with honey syrup), Kalobrama (traditional almond cake), followed by coffees, I tried the Greek coffee which I must say is an acquired taste, I wouldn’t have it again, but at least I can say I have tried it. Lovely little Greek biscuits containing nuts and laced with cinnamon came along with the coffees and I took along some mints and Fiona bought some great Halloween cupcakes, and when the bill arrived there was a piece of turkish delight each too, needless to say we were all pretty full by the end of the meal. The evening was rounded off with a verse of Happy Birthday!

Thanks to all for a great evening and for the lovely cards I received.

Fiona, my photos were rubbish, I didn't get the flash right!


Joanna said...

Happy birthday, sounds like a lovely meal. The Baklava, reminded me of the little tray, K brought back from london for me yesterday, theres a shop it sells greek lebonese and Indain sweets. It was fun to try something new.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Louise this looks so scrummy..
my kind of food...
I spent a lot of hols in Greece and love the Meze dishes that we ate under sharp blue skies ..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Auntie Louise! :)
Hope you've had a lovely day, lots of love from Laura <3 x <3 x <3 x <3 x <3 x <3 x

Holly Woods said...

Good early morning Louise,
The photo I could eat!! so hungry for a good meal. a proper meal with all the "trimmings" and 'fixings'.
mmmmmmmm. greek food.
someone's father loved baklava and someone's sister can actually make it! there was a nick name for said item in our home but I cannot recall it at the moment. the moment being so early and all!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Louise,
I have just had a peak at your lovely blog.
I noticed that you too love hearts and the picture of your casserolle is yummy.......and just how my mum made her lamb or beef stew using up the leftover meat from sunday Lunch. I will give your receipe a go.
I love your part of the country and that is the direction that we head most for a day at the beach.
The pictures are super.