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I'm never short of company in the garden.

Here's me thinking nosy neighbour cat was a tom, and it turns up wearing a pink collar!

Nosy neighbour cat was quite happy to sit in my composting area at the top of the garden.

One minute it was watching me, the next minute the Robin.

I fear that little bird is on borrowed time!



Glo said...

Thomasina looks like she has a good vantage point...I hope the bell will warn off little robin. Mr. Sneaky, the cat that used to live next door and leave feathers all over the garden, has moved! He got the 'no bell' prize ;)

Simone said...

Naughty, nosy cat! Very pretty in her pink collar though. x

~♥ Kim ♥~ said...

Hello Louise...how are you? It's been a long time!

Twiggy said...

That is one cheeky cat, hope the robin survives !!
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

It may well be Tom if the owner wears pink shirts or jumpers! Flighty xx

bellaboo said...

Hello Louise,
Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.I was just reading your last post and admiring those gorgeous mixing bowls!...and the cake of course.I love Mary Berry's recipes too.
I love your blog and will be following from now on.
Enjoy your weekend! :0)

Poppy said...

Hello my lovely, i hope you’re feeling a bit happier in yourself now! I don’t think this time of year helps. I am now an owner of an allotment, there is loads of work to be done but I’m looking forward to it.

Lou xxx

harmony and rosie said...

I love the look on that cat's face, such a great expression. We let our kittens out into the garden yesterday and they got pretty excited when they saw the birds out there - there may be trouble ahead, time to buy some bells I think! Xx

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely kitty. I do hope that little bird made a quick getaway!

Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today. Is that an Atwell (sp) picture? I used to love those.