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baking is easy ...

I've had some days in lieu this week.

It's been bliss, and I've even managed to fit in a bit of baking.

I love baking, and when I retire I'm going to bake, bake, bake to my heart's content!

Look, two lovely Easimix bowls!

My step-Dad thought I would like them, after unearthing them in a cupboard - they were my Mums.
Like them, I love 'em!

Perfect for knocking up a nice gooey Sunday Best Chocolate Fudge Cake.
The recipe is from Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book.
No reason why you can't bake and eat one on a Tuesday, is there!

Mary Berry's Fast Flapjacks, of which the recipe says makes about 24.
I put the mix in a 9 inch square tin, and marked out nine chunky ones!
I am convinced that a recipe should not be a set of rules to be followed to the letter for a mind-numbingly uniform result, but when I hear someone praising a recipe because it always works, my heart sinks a little. I believe a recipe should be treated as a living thing, something allowed to breathe, to change its nature to suit our ingredients, our mood and our desires - Nigel Slater.


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Your cake looks yummy! and those mixing bowls! oh my they are gorgeous i love them too!
Love Kristina x

Cathy said...

Naughty girl Louise - I'm supposed to be off all food like that and look what you go and do. Good job for me there isn't anything like that in the house at the moment or I'd be raiding the cupboards to get some lol

funkymonkey said...

Please save me a slice of cake. I've used that recipe - so I know it will be wonderful. Oh! and pop the kettle on as well.


OhSoVintage said...

Oh, they look GORGEOUS! Have you been watching the tv programme on baking made easy, she makes some lovely things too? I am addicted to cake mixture and sometimes make a cake just so I can eat it before it is baked!
Ruth x

Simone said...

The mixing bowls are lovely. The chocolate fudge cake looks so moist and lovely and delicious! I wouldn't refuse a flapjack either! I put up a recipe for blueberry muffins on my Linden Grove kitchen blog the other day, whilst you're in the baking mood you might want to have a go at making some! x

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Yummy, gonna check the cookery book out, l made cup cakes last night for the millionth time, they totally flopped, couldn't believe it, my children laughed so hard but they did enjoy picking at the ruin that should have been frosted cup cakes....

Rosie said...

Mmm... both the cake and flapjacks look very tasty - I made a sponge cake yesterday as I had visitors this afternoon for lunch and afternoon tea.

Glo said...

You can never go wrong with chocolate cake and yours looks yummy. Our flapjacks are pancakes, so not sure what your flapjacks are ;) I'll have to look them up. I like Nigel's quote as well, and your lovely bowls.

Lynn said...

Yummy! I love baking too, but hardly ever find time to do any.

harmony and rosie said...

Your baking looks delicious, if it wasn't breakfast time I'd be wanting some of it right now. I inherited some of those lovely bowls (tiny ones) from my MIL and they are joyful. Isn't it funny how the right bowl can make your heart sing?! Xx

BumbleVee said...

kind of like Nigel....I usually say "a recipe isn't so much the only way...it's more like yer guideline"... (in my best pirate-y voice) .... similar to part of the Pirates movie...where they talk about the code not really being so much of a code..but, more like yer guidelines...
yeh..I know...I'm strange... ..

try my twist on a Black Forest cake sometime...ooohhh it WAS yummy!

LizzieJane said...

Oh my goodness you are making me soooo hungry! I have my mum's baking bowls too... I think they help me bake better!