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Holiday Monday bike ride ...

Our starting point being home, we find ourselves on the outskirts of Shoreham Airport meeting up with The Downs Link heading north towards Bramber.

The path, originally the Steyning Line is used by both walkers and cyclists.

Robins, blue tits and blackbirds seen along the way.

I couldn't help but notice how spectacular the sun was looking behind the clouds.

Alongside the banks of the River Adur there's a most wonderful view of the East facing side of the church of St Botolph.

Arriving in Bramber we take the road into the historic village of Steyning.

If you love crafts or collecting antiques, bric-a-brac or bits for dolls houses, pints and pub grub or coffee and cake, I can recommend you visit.

There's beautiful Tudor, Stuart and Georgian architecture to take photos of too.

Coming out of Steyning, we meet up with the road which leads through the small villages of Annington, Botolphs and Coombes.

It's all up hill and down dale, so this part of the route is quite heavy going, for me anyway!

From the top of Annington Hill spectacular views of the Adur Valley can be seen, so it's worth going the extra mile.

Well that's what I tell myself, when I find myself puffing like a steam train!

This is the view of the church of St Botolph facing West. The oldest parts of the church being over a thousand years old.
We stopped here for a breather, drink and a banana!
There's more information on the history of the church here, and just who is St Botolph.
After having a very quick peek inside the church, we continue along the road which meets back up at Shoreham Airport, and then home.
A fourteen mile round trip.
Not bad going on a tummy full of mince pies and Christmas cake!
I'd like to return to take more photos of the inside.
Until then, I shall leave you to look through the arch window!


ahomespunyear said...

Hi Louise, it's good to get back into blogging again after our break, so we'll be visiting you lots now I hope.
Love your photos of the walk...what a beautiful area.
Margaret and Noreen (now a homespun year)

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely bike ride... I am green with envy!
Have a great weekend Louise.

Glo said...

Happy New Year, Louise! I enjoyed the bike ride with you, especially since I didn't actually have to puff up the inclines ;) Looks like a lovely area which I would love to visit. Thanks for the picturesque photos and links, too.

Lyn said...

great bike ride, what a lovely looking church and the villages have such interesting nmes...makes you want to visit!

Wild Rose said...

Happy New Year Louise! What a delightful trip around West Sussex. I have vague memories of Steyning from a family holiday many years ago when we stayed in Worthing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

Marie x

Cottage Garden said...

Lovely church Louise, nestling in those quintissentially English hills - what a wonderful bike ride.

Your cloudscape is stunning!