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January Scavenger Hunt ...

Here are my entries for the January Photo Scavenger Hunt.

All but two were taken this month, 'specially for the challenge.

I didn't get two of the categories either.

They must have been well hidden!

an abandoned building - potting shed at Yalding Organic Gardens in Kent.

a stained-glass window - St Botolphs Church, Botolphs, West Sussex.

a goldfish - one of J's birthday cards!

yarn - bunny egg cosy!

playground equipment - playing fields, Clapham, West Sussex.

a tombstone over one hundred years old - Church of St Mary the Virgin, Clapham, West Sussex.

a reflective surface - greenbottles swimming!

something out of place - penguins on an iceberg in Portsmouth Harbour!

nature - a sparrow in hawthorn.

bubbles - a lava lamp!

The list for February is:

a bridge
something with stripes
a musical instrument
a big lorry
a round clock face
your shoes
a park bench
a newspaper headline
a postbox
heartshaped ...

so get scavenging!



From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Oh, I just love all your photos. I can't wait to do next months. Fun post!

bellaboo said...

Brilliant pics..I love the bunny egg cosy,and those spotty cups and saucers.You did well to find all those for the SH. :0)

Rosie said...

Great photos, Louise - love the bunny egg cup and the greenbottles swimming, also the sparrow. I'm looking forward to seeing what we have to find in February:)

Kathy said...

Hi Louise, great photos! I'm so enjoying looking at everyone's posts today! I can't believe so many people have joined in!
Will post the next list tomorrow!
Love Kathy xxx

Glo said...

Since I've also been taken photos for the challenge, I am really enjoying seeing what others picked for their choices. I'm also tickled with your bunny egg cup cover :) It's fascinating to see different parts of the world! Your photos are bright and cheerful :)

Louise said...

Thanks for your comment.

I never knew greenbottles went swimming! I love your goldfish photo - I was hoping to find something fun like that for my fish photo.

I struggled a bit with this first challenge (alongside my first ever attack of winter blues) but am raring to go with the next list!

ahomespunyear said...

Hi, great photos...love them all, especially the sparrow and goldfish.

Poppy said...

I loved looking all of your pictures…all of them were brilliant. My favourite one was the greenbottles swimming.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the crochet flowers yet. :0)

Lou xxx

Poppy said...

It might help if I answer the right question you asked me.:0) It takes some getting used to, but I do love it. I have found it’s a bit like starting again learning how to use a computer. I’m getting a bit better now. xxx

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful group of photos! Great job Louise!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful selection! I can see I'm going to enjoy looking at yours, and others such as Glo's, pictures for this every month. Flighty xx

bad penny said...

These are fun - Love the yarn one & the delapidated shed too. I grew up in West Sussex so it's lovely to get a glimpse - drove past the churchyard at Clapham regularly

Ally Johnston said...

I like your choices

Simone said...

The greenbottles swimming and the sparrow are my favourites! x

Lisa said...

Thanks for visting me and leaving a message. It's always so nice to 'mmet' new bloggers.
I love the knitted bunny. And those penguins!
Good luck for Feb,it's good fun isn't it.
Lisa x

periwinkle said...

How did I miss this post , think I'll have to go with the majority and say my fave is the greenbottles.. I think I'd be a bit biased if I said how lovely the egg cosy was lol... brilliant choice though x

harmony and rosie said...

I like the lava lamp, I bought them for the children for Christmas.

Lyn said...

I am really enjoying this challenge, your photos are great!

Karens Hopes said...

Ooh I love the picture of that potting shed I'm looking for inspiration to paint at the moment
I think I might try that.
Karen x