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what makes me happy ...

I must remind myself every day of what makes me happy?

It really can be something as simple as watching the birds in the garden.

I think every now and again I shall feature what makes me happy on my blog.

Just to remind myself.

How about you sharing what makes you happy on your blog?

Just when you can.

Copy and paste the above to your sidebar, and let me know if you'd like to join in.

You never know what makes one person happy could make all the difference!



Glo said...

Great idea, Louise! I don't think I have a sidebar because I chose one column. However, I can comment on what makes me happy. Like you, the simplest things can bring joy. These little birds I watch are just fascinating for instance. They just seem so perky and lively. Today I saw some green leaves poking out of the ground...that means spring is coming up! That makes me very happy.

I'm a great believer in radiating from the inside and like to find the best in everything. Here's to happiness and enjoyment :)

Glo said...

PS I was happy to see the heart rocks and stone face on your sidebar. I measured old stone face today...he is at least 2 inches across!

Twiggy said...

oooo I'm with you missus, I suffer from depression sometimes but think I'm a glass half full person mostly. What made me happy today, a visit from my oldest friend, laughing at our old school reports, Twiglets giggles and the tete a tete on my kitchen windowsill
Stay happy !!
Twiggy x

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely post. I think this time of year is so hard on many of us. It is nice to know that we all feel the same. What a great idea Louise.

silverpebble said...

These lists are so useful - thankyou - they've made me think about sources of happy - I need to do this more often!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! Watching the birds certainly makes me happy. Flighty xx

Simone said...

I would like to join in Louise but can't for the life of me figure out how to get the image in my sidebar at the moment! Blogging and visiting blogs makes me happy, daydreaming of better days to come and making things for my giveaway. Like-minded souls make me happy too! x

Rosie said...

It is the simple things that make me happy too! Watching the birds in the garden, a bunch of pretty flowers, a good book. I'm going to join in with you and every so often feature something that makes me happy:)

ahomespunyear said...

Yeh it's often the simple things isn't it? I agree about watching birds on the feeder and the excitement when we see something more unusual - like the woodpecker last week. And seeing little pansies and violas I planted struggling to flower, bless 'em!

Cathy said...

Hello Louise
Birdwatching must be world wide pleasure - I certainly enjoy it!
On the happiness front I might join in as well now and again. Will you make it regular occurence (say monthly ) or just when the spirit moves us lol
Take care