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I've been having a bit of fun playing with images of presents given to me at Christmas time, using Photobucket.

I have Glo to thank of Porcelain Rose whose very creative adaptations of her own photos gave me the idea to experiment.

The image above of a Little Book of Pins (from my lovely niece Laura) has been edited using the Popart button.

The image of wall graffiti (from my equally lovely sister-in-law Stella aka Florence Hope) has been edited using the Inkstamp button.

The image of this wonderful little sewing kit (from my friend Val) has been edited using the Old Photo button.

I think I am going to have some fun using all three!

Talking of fun, I am participating in the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Having originally read of the challenge on Kathy's lovely blog Postcards from the PP, it seemed like a good excuse to start making headways with my new camera, and time for escapism from the humdrums of life too.

Basically you have a month in which to photograph each subject on the list set for each month.

Here is January's list.

an abandoned building
a stained glass window
a goldfish
playground equipment
a library
a tombstone over a hundred years old
your front door
a reflective surface (not a mirror)
something out of place

At the end of the month you display them on your blog, for all to see.



periwinkle said...

Hey you ... looks like you have been having a nice play around. I'm doing the scavenger hunt , the pics I took in the library this morning were rubbish but I've got the tombstone one ticked off .

Glo said...

Hi Louise ~ thanks for the linked mention! Being creative is so much fun, isn't it ~ and offers different ways of looking at things. Lovely gifts you have there, as well. That idea of Postcards from PP sounds like fun...what with me 'getting to know my tree each day' and wandering around looking for goldfish, etc. ... sounds like ... it should be fun. Count me in!

Rosie said...

Love the different photo effects. glad you are joining in with Kathy's Photo Scavenger Hunt; I'm having a go too in fact have been out this morning capturing one or two images - I think it will be great fun:)

Simone said...

I like the pins photo. Very Andy Warhol!!! It will be good to see you participating in the photo scavenger hunt. I am going to give it a miss this time although it does sound like a lot of fun to seek out specific things to photo and see what each of you come up with! x

LizzieJane said...

What fun photo effects. I will have to tell hubby about the photo scavenger hunt.. he is the photography person in our house. I hope you all have oodles of fun.

Twiggy said...

I love the photo effects Louise. Can't wait to see your photos for the scavenger hunt.
twiggy x

Indigo Blue said...

How easy is Photobucket to use? I have heard of it but never tried it.
Like your new blog banner picture, she is very cute.

Poppy said...

It looks like you’re having fun playing around with your pictures Louise. They look great!
I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures you take. It should keep you busy!

Lou xxx

kristina said...

Oh Louise,
I have played around for hours with my pictures but they did not turn out very well,yours look great!...i am thinking of splurging on a new camera this year but will have to see how funds go,
Enjoy your weekend,
Love Kristina xxx

ahomespunyear said...

Your photos are great fun...don't think my basic camera (or skill) is quite up to the challenge at the mo, especially as the screen has just gone kaput!
Can't wait to see the results though.
Margaret (and Noreen)