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grey, and no colour ...

I feel really down.

I cry all the time.

I see grey, and no colour.



Simone said...

Oh please don't feel down Louise. I don't suppose my blog helps when I keep going on about feeling blue! This is a difficult time of year. Things WILL get better. Sending you lots of love and a hug. x

walter and me said...

Hi Louise,
So sorry to hear you're feeling low, I'm sure brighter days are just around the corner.
Diana x

Twiggy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Louise, Spring is just aroung the corner. Hang on in there my dear bloggy friend
Twiggy x

periwinkle said...

I know what you mean about the grey but keep searching out the colour... keep looking for the bright happy things that make you smile not sad. Spring isn't far away .Big hugs my friend x

Rosie said...

So sorry to hear you feel so low! Hope all will be well soon. Look after yourselfxx

meri said...

Hi Louise!
Hope better days will come some.
Be strong and build pretty dreams in your mind, force them. Search for beautiful pictures, works, photos whatever here in internet,it could help.You'll see you start believing in beauty again, seeing colours even if slowly. And talk talk and talk with your real friends.The virtual ones are always around here

Lyn said...

Oh Louise, these days are long and grey but spring is on it's way, hang on in there and keep your chin up.

harmony and rosie said...

Louise, I'm so sorry you feel blue. January is renowned for making us all feel down, I feel a bit miserable and grey and am so so desperate for Spring. I don't think I've felt this desperate before. Take a good long walk and see all the new growth out that's happening out there, it's all positive stuff and the warmth and sunshine will come.

Email me if you like, I'd love that!

love Kate x

PS - my 10 yr old told me a joke today.

Knock knock (who's there)

Are you laughing yet???? x

Glo said...

Oh, Louise, I am so sorry you are feeling depressed! What do you think triggered it? I was excited to read in your previous post about finding different ways to play with your photos and that you mentioned that I helped. I wish I could help you now! I am going in search of a heart rock for you on my walk to send you some loving care. I found an article on line that you might find helpful. It has good ideas about dealing with depression. This is the time of year when it can creep up on you. Please email me if there's anything I can do. How are you doing with your Scavenger Hunt?...and by the way, the photo that you used today is beautiful.


OhSoVintage said...

Oh Louise - my fellow birthday buddy!
I echo what all the previous people have said and hope you feel brighter soon. Hang on in there, Spring is on its way and a lovely summer to look forward to.
Ruth x

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you! Take care, Flighty xx

Funkymonkey said...

It's not like you to express feelings of being 'down in the dumps', so you must be feeling at a really low point. All I can do is echo the other comments made and hope you can begin to feel better soon Louise.

Take care of yourself.


LizzieJane said...

I was gone for the weekend and just saw this post this morning. I am so sorry that you feel down. I think it happens to a lot of us at this dreary time of year. My daughter, bless her, brought me a wonderful pot of hyacinth flowers and that cheered me up to no end. Sometimes little things like that can put that smile back on your face. Sending big hugs,