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bashed neeps, and the Christmas in February giveaway winner ...

I haven't ever been sure whether a neep is a swede, or a turnip?

For this post, it's a swede/rutabaga (US) of which I love, bashed with a knob of butter and black pepper.

Why a photo of a swede?

It's because the smell and taste of swede always reminds me of childhood Christmas dinners at home. We'd always have mashed swede, along with a huge roast turkey with sausagemeat poked under the skin, and Paxo in the cavity, roast potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and thick Bisto gravy.

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day! Only ten of you thought so, and left a comment on my Christmas in February giveway post, for a chance of winning a copy of the Hamlyn 200 Christmas Recipes book.

I asked what you had for your Christmas dinner? All comments were fun to read, and considering it was February your memories hadn't been affected by the sherry!

Anyway all ten names were scribbled on a piece of paper, torn into shreds and put in a dish. The winning name pulled out was ...

Amanda and Tim!

Congratulations to you.

I think you are going to enjoy trying out recipes from this little book.



Simone said...

Well done Amanda. A well deserved winner! I could eat mashed swede right now with a big dollop of salty butter and black pepper! x

Kathy said...

Congratulations Amanda! I would prefer my swede mashed with carrot.
Love Kathy xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Well done the winner, neeps is short for TurNIPS. We love the old neeps, tatties and Haggis on Burns night.
Twiggy x

Amanda and Tim said...

Whooo I cannot believe we won it (Tim was all confused when I told him because he didn't even know I had entered a giveaway!!) Thank you sooo much Louise, I shall e you our address in a bit!

Also, Kathy, my mum used to mix swede with carrot and mash it up and it was my absolute favourite thing as a child (which is saying a lot as I hated most veg like peas and beans as a child - though I love them all now!)

When the book arrives I shall try some of the recipes and post them on our blog so you can see how much we love it... thanks again!

re said...

I believe, although I might be wrong, that a swede is indeed a type of turnip and that it was introduced to the UK by a Scandinavian for cattle fodder, hence the name Swede.

LizzieJane said...

Congrats to the lucky winner! Your Christmas dinner sounds just like the one we had in our house growing up. Our dad grew lots of veggies in our big garden so we had a lot of swede in the garden for winter dinners.

Pomona said...

I like most veggies, but I still struggle with swede - I was scarred for life in childhood, I think!

Pomona x

Ally Johnston said...

Swede reminds me of England so much. Especially mashed with carrot. Over here they can't decided what to call it, so they rarely have them.

Karens Hopes said...

Definately a turnip where I come from (North East).... Turnip and mashed potato yum....