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What do you have most days for your breakfast? You know you mustn't skip breakfast, don't you!

On most days I have full fat! Greek style natural yogurt with muesli. On an 'early start' work day I have it in bed watching BBC Breakfast, much to the dismay of the other half, who will get out of bed to make and eat his porridge!

My muesli of the moment is Dorset Cereals 'Simply Delicious Muesli'. A crunchy blend of chilean flame raisins, sunflower seeds, dates, roasted hazelnuts and brazil nuts with multi-grain flakes. It has taken the place of another favourite of mine, Sainsburys 'Fruit and Nut', which contains whole almonds.

My favourite discovery in Greek style natural yogurt is from the Essential Waitrose range. It is very thick and creamy, and is just the best.

On a 'late start' work day I might have Scrambled Eggs. I love it, but it has to be sloppy, usually on white toast but wholemeal will do, with lots of freshly ground black pepper on top! I'll eat this half way between breakfast and lunch, so you'd call it Brunch.

In Victorian times, they'd have enjoyed Kedgeree for breakfast! In this day and age, a meal more suited as a lunch or supper dish.

It's dead easy to make using only four ingredients, rice, smoked haddock, hard-boiled eggs, and a handful of peas. Maybe five if you include a generous grinding of black pepper.

Pop over to Simone's blog Linden Grove and you may, if you're quick on your toes, get a square of home-made Blueberry Buttermilk Cake for your breakfast today.

A breakfast doesn't have to be healthy one everyday!



twiggypeasticks said...

Quite often, I forget to have breakfast, dashing about getting Twiglet ready and then starting on my chores as soon as I get home from school. I always start the day with a black coffee. If I do eat it's usually porridge, wholemeal toast with marmalade or a banana. Weekends it's pancakes or scrummy bacon sandwiches.
twiggy x

Simone said...

Thanks for the mention Louise although I don't have such an indulgent breakfast that often!!! I usually have a cup of unsweetened coffee and then about an hour later I have a bowl of porridge with chopped fruit and a tablespoon of golden linseed. See, I normally eat quite healthily!!! x

Kathy said...

I couldn't face the day without breakfast - it's usually weetabix with some berries on top and a dash of cold milk washed down with a cup of fruit tea. This morning though, I actually made thick pancakes and had them straight from the pan with maple syrup. Mmm ... delicious.
Love Kathy xxx

elaine said...

This morning...raisin toast and orange juice. I looked longingly at the last banana but saved it for the littlest.

Sarah said...

Yum yum. I have to have a black coffee in the morning along with toast and homemade marmalade or porridge. Having said that, I missed breakfast this morning, tut, tut!

sarah said...

what yummy photos! I too enjoy the Dorset Cereals meusli - delicious! I alternate between that and organic porridge made with water and honey,and, of course, a cup of tea.

I do love kedgeree for a treat! Sarah x

meri said...

I never skip my breakfast,never!!!
Thanks for your nice comment, Louise :)

periwinkle said...

I very rarely have breakfast , too busy running around after the boys and doing school runs , not a good thing I know, sometimes I grab a Kit Kat -- oops

Amanda and Tim said...

I LOVE breakfast, but since developing an inability to digest highly fibrous foods (especially wheat) I have a very limited choice of cereals (much to my dismay, as I used to eat cereal for lunch sometimes too because I loved it so much!!)

However, I love porridge and since being in Russia I keep trying to figure out what grains my landlady used for the different varieties of "kasha" she made... I've done the buckwheat one but can't for the life of me work out what the other one was that sometimes looked yellow and sometimes white and was always eaten with butter and a smidgen of salt instead of anything sweet... if I ever figure out what it was I shall share it with the world because it was just so yummy!

LizzieJane said...

I have to have breakfast the minute my feet hit the floor. Couldn't start my busy day without it. Usually it is porridge...not the instant kind either. Then some fruit and of course a big cup of tea. What a great way to start the day!

Rosie said...

I always eat breakfast. At the moment I have some Dorset Cereals in little packets that I won from their website so I'm working my way through those. My husband makes all our bread so I often have toast with our own homemade marmalade. I never have a cooked breakfast at home but when I'm away on holiday I love scrambled eggs on toast. Very occasionally (because of the butter) we have croissants and coffee and I love that because it reminds me of holidays in France:)