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Christmas in February giveaway ...

Would anyone like a chance of winning a copy of the Hamlyn all colour cookbook 200 Christmas recipes?

When I came across it I liked the photography and clear instructions, so much so I bought myself a copy, a copy for two friends of mine, and also a copy for you.

I was going to leave the draw open whilst away on holiday, but just didn't get the chance to get onto my blog before we left.

We spent Christmas Day in Hong Kong stopping over for re-fuelling, the plane that is, although we were given a makeshift festive meal on our flight, which was small but tasty all the same.

Just leave a comment telling me what you chose to have for your festive meal on Christmas day, and I shall enter your name into the draw.

I shall leave the draw open until midnight February 27th, and welcome comments from the UK and overseas. Note recipes are in imperial and metric measurements, and not in cups!

I hope you enter, as it really is a lovely little book.



lifeinredshoes said...

I'm so glad I checked on you here! Ithought you were sreiously ill...or dead!
Sounds like the trip was great:)

twiggypeasticks said...

We had duck and jolly nice it was too, we also ate a lot of Quality Street and I got a bit tipsy on Boxing Day and burnt the veg, but you don't need to know that bit do you :)
Twiggy x

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the gievaway, we had turkey,ham and yorkshire pudding. Also we had a few Porteguese meals that I cant remember the name of. We went to my husband's newphews who happens to be a chef as well as his wife and sister been a chef so the food was amazing.

dancingonabladeofgrass said...

We had pumpkin soup with caramalised pumpkin seeds on top, then chicken and roast belly of pork on oranges (not all together!) and I can't remember what else!

Glad you had a great time in Australia - such good timing with our awful weather too.

acornmoon said...

Well, I am afraid we went for the traditional turkey and Christmas pud. We did one unusual fun thing though, we had musical crackers. Each cracker had a whistle which played one note, eight in all. You can imagine the cacophony of sound that we came up with!

Simone said...

I would love to be entered for the giveaway Louise. I like the look of the Christmas pud cupcakes on the cover! For Christmas dinner we had the usual Turkey, sage and onion stuffing, bread sauce etc and Christmas pud after. We had musical crackers too like acorn moon above except we had hand bells that we had to ring when pointed to by the conductor. It was complete chaos!!!x

gill said...

not to break with tradition it was turkey and christmas pud in our household!
thanks for the giveaway!


periwinkle said...

ooh, I could do with a cookbook with cakes in it -- for christmas dinner we have turkey and pork so I always have a bit of each and always have sprouts with chestnuts mmmmmm. Aren't you a sweetie thinking of us all - thank you

Indigo Blue said...

I was in Italy on Christmas Day and had a lovely Italian meal which ttaditionally had 6 courses! Too much for me and there was a range of wine which added up to about a bottle each in the end. Many thanks for visitng my blog and a new cookbook would go well with my newly fitted kitchen. I really like your photographs on your blog, very clear.

Amanda and Tim said...

wow... Christmas in February, how wonderful! Glad to see you had an amazing Christmas travelling around, lucky you!!

I cooked Christmas dinner this year (my first time) as Tim was working until 3pm. I cooked roast duck and made homemade duck gravy with homemade vegeatable stock and the juices from the duck, we had potatoes and parsnips (from our garden) roasted in duck fat, braised red cabbage and honey roasted baby carrots plus a few sprouts. All in all it was a wonderful feast, we were both very proud of my achievement and we still have the gluten free stuffing in our freezer because we had far too much food on our plates to manage that as well! Makes me drool just thinking about it, how nice Christmas dinner is!