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my photo
... just come from a land down under
I've just got back from spending five weeks in Australia!
Just like this cute and cuddly koala with his/her tasty eucalyptus leaves, it won't be long until I am chewing over your latest posts.
Do bear with me though. I have a lot of catching up to do, laundry included!


Celia Hart said...

You've missed all the snow...

Bet you've had a beaut' time!


Funkymonkey said...

I wondered where you were. Good to have you back.


Simone said...

Fantastic photo! I bet you have loads of wonderful photos to share. Welcome back Louise. x

Twiggy said...

How cute !!! It's great to have you back, you have been missed. Can't wait to see your photos, now look around at blogland and see all the freezing weather you've missed :)
twiggy x

meri said...

Wow!!! That's it!
Glag to hear about!
Five weeks in Australia??? That sounds soooooo good :)
Welcome back, Louise! x

meri said...

I mean "Glad" :(

Kris said...

Hey! You were here? I didn't see you! Lol! I guess it is a big place.

periwinkle said...

wow, I am so envious - looking forward to hearing more about your adventures

Anonymous said...

So THAT's where you've been! Can't wait to hear and see...

Anonymous said...

Oooh lucky you ... looking forward to hearing all about it and... welcome home.

Twiggy said...

Another award for you on my blog lady, I'm going award crazy !!
Twiggy x

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello Louise!

How wonderful! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Louise,

Five weeks how fabulous must that have been? i am sure you will be posting pictures for us to oohh and ahhh over!
So happy you have been some where lovely,

Love Kristina XXX

Cathy said...

Hello Louise
I wondered where you'd been - hope it wasn't too hot or wet (or even cold) for you whilst you were here
Look forward to your thoughts and pictures on the trip
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hello, and a happy new year!
It was just a few days back that I was thinking that you'd been absent for far too long!
I hope that you had a great trip but I really don't envy you either the flights or the high temeperatures that I presume you encountered whilst there!
Take care, Flighty xx

walter and me said...

Hi Louise, I was wondering where you were...and now I know! Hope you had a wonderful time. look forward to hearing all!
D x

CatHerder said...

oh soooo cute! I hear they smell like coughdrops from the eucylyptus!

eileeninmd said...

Love your Koala! great shot!

Christy said...

what a cute koala! looks like you had a fab aussie holiday!