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Sydney, NSW, Aus ...

Having arrived on Boxing Day to cloudy, blackened sky and the next day torrential rain, we spent the first leg of our trip visiting the surrounding suburbs and foreshores of Sydney using the city ferries.

It's a great way of getting around and for unlimited, value for money travel on public transport, it's a good idea to buy a green travel ticket when you arrive.

Dubbed the 'old coat hanger' you can pretty much see every angle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a ferry.

The bridge has such a dominating presence that on most days wherever we happened to be, my eye would always be drawn to it.

It takes on an odd dreamlike quality.
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Simone said...

A lovely photo Louise - and it does resemble a coat hanger! x

twiggypeasticks said...

It must be so exciting seeing such an iconic landmark in the flesh, so to speak.
twiggy x

Kris said...

It really is worth looking at though!

Sal said...

That's a fab photo! Hope you had a great time on your travels.

Lesley said...

Oh how wonderful! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Oz. Somewhere I'd love to go. x