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Cradle Mountain, Tas, Aus ...

The views on the road down to Cradle Mountain in the Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania were breathtaking.

Being windy, and all up hill and down dale, there was no use for cruise control on our automatic car!

On arrival we decided on taking on one of the more difficult walks up to Crater Peak, over steep terrain exposed to the elements. They weren't wrong, we just about experienced four seasons in one day with gusty winds, blazing sunshine and light showers!

A bright buttercup-like flower.

A pretty pink alpine.

For an artistic slant on this post I took this photo on an angle! I quite like it.

A paper-like white flower.

A creamy-white alpine.

Concentration is the key on this trek as rocks are sharp and jagged.
On our descent we witnessed a man carrying a huge rucksack on his back lose his balance, resulting in him toppling backwards consequenting in a badly gashed arm, and I'd imagine several bruises to boot and a very hurt pride.
We both breathed a sigh of relief at not having to use first aid, or attempt to summons the mountain rescue!
This was a difficult walk for me, but to see the stunning views of the beautiful lakes below, made all the suffering worthwhile.
Not returning the way we came, we took a detour, and at the end of our walk six long hours later, I was pretty much finished!
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twiggypeasticks said...

wow what amazing photos. Mr Twigs has always fancied visiting. Have you read the Pete Mccarthy book when he visits Taz, it's sooooo funny.
twiggy x

Lindz said...

I always wanted to go to the craddle mountain in tas... your pictures are lovely.

Simone said...

The photos were well worth the effort Louise! x

Rosie said...

Oh, my goodness - that is a walk and a half -no wonder you were tired out but again stunning photos - thanks for sharing your walk with us:)

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a beautiful place, love the mountain view and the pretty wildflowers.

Jane said...

Your travels sound and look wonderful. The scenery is stunning. Jane x

LizzieJane said...

I had no idea that you had been on a trip. What an amazing place to visit. I am positively green with envy! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.