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You have seen Hamish on my blog before, but he wanted to get in on the act, whilst on the subject of bears. He is a Merrythought bear, and a growler!

Now on the other hand, this is the first appearance for Hamley. He is a big squishy, cuddly bear and very lovable!


Anonymous said...

Bears make the most perfect companions and yours are just adorable.

carolr said...

I just read my class a book about Teddy Roosevelt and Teddy Bears. I loved it! I'm not sure if they did, but I sure did. I still remember my Boo-Boo!!

Gina said...

Gorgeous teddies Louise, I think Hamley is my favourite! I love all your Easter pics! Hope you're having a nice weekend :O) Gx

Sew Anyway said...

I knew I couldn't be the only one. . . Grown women can have teddy bears.
Thanks for sharing pictures of your sweet stuffin's.

My husband took me to Build a Bear Workshop for my birthday last fall. I picked out a bear that looks like my husband.I chose a Harley Davidson wee teddy t-shirt to put on him. I named him my Dear Danny Bear. (My husband's name is Dan and has never allowed me to call him Danny.)
Thanks again for sharing, your blog is lovely.