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my very own coat of arms ...

I am thrilled to have discovered that my family name, which has Irish roots, has got its own coat of arms. I discovered this fact by chance, through a new comment on my 'postcards from oz' blog. I had a visit from a lady called Pat, whose blog is Mille Fiori Favoriti, she is very interested in Ireland as a country, and on reading through a couple of her posts, I clicked on her link to a heraldry website. If you have Irish ancestry, and you are inquisitive like me, take a look for yourself.


CatHerder said...

Very cool. I have Irish and Scottish in my family. I have always been interested in heraldry and crests in my decorating. Unfortunately, my surname from Outer Hebrides Scotland is a boar....like the one on boars head coldcuts...not too attractive.

ChelleBez said...

That's really cool! I bet you were excited to see that. Its always fun to figure out where we came from. I've never been able to find a coat of arms for my maiden name, and I am pretty sure there isn't one for my married Russian last name. :)

Cowboys & Custard said...

So should we be calling you Lady Louise from now on?