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I have been interested in collectibles for many years now, and over those years I have coveted and hoarded rather a lot, in my loft. Whilst I am in the throws of finding my perfect job, I am putting the time to good use, and having a good rummage through the boxes. I am toying with the idea of using the items I find, to start up a vintage and collectibles website, on a small scale. I would love to know your thoughts on this idea, I value all of your opinions very highly. In the meantime I thought I might give you some idea of the sort of items I shall be coming up with.

A beautiful pink pin dish made by Carltonware which measures 4.5 x 4 inches, in used condition. Some signs of wear on the back edge of the rim and a very small nick of paint is missing on the top of the flower, but still a very pretty vintage item which would look lovely as part of an Easter display.

Please click on the photo to enlarge for closer inspection of the overall condition.

£8.00 / $15.84 (for overseas customers I can only accept Paypal)

free postage & packing

Please e-mail me or leave a comment, if you are interested in this item. Thank you.

Louise x


Country Cottage Chic said...

I think it's a great idea - it's so much fun finding things but you can't always keep them all so it's nice to pass them on to someone else who will appreciate them too!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Louise! There's definitely a market for vintage treasures out there. I say follow your heart and your passion! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

sheila said...

That's nice. I love dishes with fruits and veg on them. I had a really nice asparagus tea pot that my grandmother gave me. It broke during a move, sadly.

There's something about dishes with vegetables on them, isn't there. I know next to nothing about styles and whether or not it's valuable though. In a way I wish I did, because I troll the second hand stores regularly.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll do it on Etsy or something like it? or off your own site? I hate selling things so I don't have any selling advice, but it seems you've already got a good store of inventory. Go for it :-)

Cowboys & Custard said...

Go for it girl...
I think it is a fabulous idea and you will be following in the footsteps of someone very dear to you.
I will be a regular browser and window shopper once your shop opens it's doors.


Magic Cochin said...

You could start a little ebay shop. 1950's and 60's china is getting really collectable, I've seen things which used to be a few pence in junk shops now turning up at the auction houses and going for much more.

Go for it!

cmoon said...

Give it a try. Maybe this will be your perfect job! I found you via suziesews and have enjoyed reading some of your blog I hope to return soon Good Luck!

Katherines Dream said...

Great idea Louise you go for it girl!
I would love to have a shop, it is finding time for everything that I want to do!
Carol xx

Pat said...

It sounds like a fun to try! I think E-Bay is a good place to list your sales, as it has a large audience and many collectors search it daily.
Please put a link in your blog to the site you use, so we can shop!

Vanessa said...

I think all the comments are telling you something! Just do it, what have you got to loose!

daffy said...

Now you are talking! Its a wonderful idea, using your interests in such a wise and hopefuly profitable way is genius.
I think your own site perhaps, or a section on here?

cd&m said...

Yes have a go, it's what we are doing and it is tremendously good fun.

Joanna said...

I think tats an excellent idea, and you should do that, love the plate too. Oh you asked if that was Capatain Rupert inside the tent, and yes it is, he is with Jessie a rabbit my mum had. I'm sure another year if we have some spare potatoes you can have some. Sorry I have not been keeping up with blogs, I have been feeling behindon everything again. Took some time out and feel much better and have new captain rupert ideas even wrote a story its not great but at least I wrote a story.

Rosezilla said...

I think it is a lovely idea and the dish is definitely appealing. Only, could you please put prices on that any ignorant Americans like myself can understand also? I have no idea what you are charging for it.

Thank you for putting me on your friend's list. I have been pleased to return the favor on my site, and you are now listed on my "Check It Out" sidebar. Isn't the Internet lovely! There truly are friends all over the world.