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Violet is a little Martha's Makes miniature artist bear, handmade by Emily Harris. She was given to me as a leaving present from a friend at work, Pauline. She knew of my love for miniature bears, so as you can imagine I was over the moon with this tiny vision of lilac. I said I would give this girl bear a name, well I have now chosen one, Violet, obvious really!

In the background is a beautiful illustrated countryside journal which another friend from work Fiona, gave me. It is split into sections to record wildlife, birds, flora & fauna, countryside walks, places of interest, home grown, pickles, preserves and recipes and countryside remembered. Another one of my loves, the garden, a fact Fiona knows only too well!

I also love pottery from the West Country and in the photo on the left is a pretty Collard Honiton lidded pot and on the right is a Devon violets scent bottle, which is one of a rather large collection!


Naturegirl said...

Charming sweet and cudly..and the color pleases me! hugs NG

Martha's Makes said...

Hi Louise, I just happened accross your blogg and I was thrilled to see
'Voilet' a little Miniature Bear made by myself! I am so pleased you like her, I just love making minature bears and it is so lovely when I get to see they have arrived safely in their new homes!
best wishes and hugs... Emily.x


Emily, how an earth did you find me, and very nice to hear from you? I can't tell you how pleased I was when I opened the box and saw this lovely tiny bear. Please let me know if you have a blog. x

Martha's Makes said...

Hello Louise,
had a few spare moments and was browsing through google!!I have a little website www.freewebs.com/marthasmakesminibears
please take a look! Emily.x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Louise! Violet blends in so well with her surroundings! She is lovely and so too is the pottery! I love it

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Louise
I think your friends knew you very well to give you such lovely gifts..
The little Violet is a real sweetie!
Devon Violets is very nostalgic for me.. I would buy the vivid green bottles of scent for my grandmother when I was a lass.. along with Cornish Piskie charms..


Rubyred said...

You've received some lovely leaving presents!Love little Violet,sh's a sweetie!

Beeswax, said...

Dear Louise ,
Hiya!!!.. it's me !, yes , remember me ?
well, I hope you do , and would like to add that I have sorely missed you and your comments to me , I have managed to read some of your posts on my epic break away , of whichI will e-mail you with details of so!!!
Violet is such a sweetie, and as for the new photo of yourself , well, what can I say !! but would like to mention , albeit rather tactless and arrogant of me ,..lol...sweetie you are supposed to be taking a photot of yourself !!! not the camera .....LOL..
kidding ..
your posts are as enlightning as ever and give me the daily dose of sanity required this household at themoment ..as does many others i have been able to snatcha look at on my semi retirment break away , oh , and while we are on the subject , was your leaving the major life changing desicion you spoke of before Xmas? ...
Gosh , I am still hearing jingle bells here ..lol, it's been that long since my fix of blogging ...need to correct that vey soon I think , or before I now it I will be still singing it come my next posting , and in time with the season too..lol
anyway Louise just a little comment to say Hi , from an old friend , and also to say have missed you and your lovely comments , I hope life has been good to you , and also hope to be in touch very very soon , will e-mail you with all my updates on the beeswax front!!!
for the moment I wishyou all the best and hope u remeber a little buzzing bee , who has just lost her buzz for a bit ... speak soon I hope , hugs and stuff ..Kath :)

BumbleVee said...

your Violet is a sweetie.... I too love mini bears as you know.

Just had to tell you that Greg had a couple of Ducatis....one was a Monster.. he says he would prefer a Desmo when I said about your hubby restoring one. You can see a couple of pics on my Picturetrail site if you like.

We no longer have them as Greg decided they were too expensive to race around the track..one side piece flew off after he forgot to tighten it down one day... $1.000... Then he was racing other bikes...and then... crashed riding somebody else's bike in an endurance race. Nobody checked the tires after changing them; too high pressure... didn't make the first corner. I was in the pits and that was pretty scary. He broke his ankle pretty bad and a couple of ribs...wrecked his helmet and tore up his leathers... stiff and sore...but, very lucky. Sitting on the bed for weeks while waiting things out gave him a new perspective I think.... and he decided he couldn't afford to play at racing any more. Now...I still have my street bike..he has no bike ... and I am getting the feeling that he doesn't really like to see me ride off alone. I may have to give it up if he is going to worry. You really should get your license...and just give a bike a go...it is great fun. Well, you know it from just riding pillion...but I did that for years too and finally decided I had to try my own. Even little track bikes are great fun.

Anonymous said...

Violet is so pretty. I just love little home made things. Love your blog.

Nabeel said...

wow handmade .. very good and impressive. However at first glance the bear looks like a "he" rather than "she". I was surprised it was named violet.

cd&m said...

What a darling little bear and of course she now has the most perfect name.

Sal said...

I love your pottery bits with the violets.Sal;-)

Summer by the sea said...

What a sweet little bear and what lovely gifts to receive from your colleagues! - Natalie x