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Thanks Fiona, my oldest friend from work, who all those years ago took me under her wing on my very first day back in 1983; for the beautiful 'pot mum' in such a pretty shade of pink, it looks lovely set against the primrose yellow scheme of our bedroom. Fiona also gave me a lovely garden journal and pen, there is no doubt I shall be keeping busy.

Thanks too to Denise, a colleague of mine from work, who I haven't known for very long, but was very kind to leave me this lovely plant on my desk on my last day. She is/was my Avon lady, I shall miss these treats!

And the beautiful basket above was from all the 'girls and one boy' in my department. Thanks to everyone who made my last day at the office a memorable one! All around my desk were very colourful balloons and coloured strings, and the whole area was covered in good luck confetti, they sure do know how to make a mess, I bet the cleaners cursed! There was a collection waiting for me and a good luck helium balloon too. I had asked to leave quietly, but somehow I think I went out with a bang!

Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

What thoughtful plant gifts for your going away, Louise. I had misread your last couple of sentences - thought you said you were asked to leave quietly... Goodness!

daffy said...

You have to allow people the opportunity to show their appreciation of you and they certainly did that! I think the gifts are lovely and the goodbye was a happy memorable one! :o) xx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, what a wonderful send-off and some lovely floral gifts - did you shed a tear?
Lucy x

the homely year said...

Such lovely plants...I bet they look stunning in your home. Glad you had a good last day...now you can work on all your exciting hopes and dreams for the future.
Margaret and Noreen

ChelleBez said...

That is so sweet. It sounds like you not only worked with some wonderful, thoughtful people, but that they also thought very highly of you. Of course, who doesn't think highly of you? ;) What a touching gesture from your friends. Happy retirement!

BumbleVee said...

they know exactly what you like!

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am certain your presence will be sadly missed by all in the office.. You brightened up their lives for the last 20 (?) years..
I hope the plants live on for many a day to remind you of your friends.