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Life is just like a bowl of cherries - that life is simple and pleasant. I treated myself to these mouthwatering cherries from our local greengrocers. I thought they looked nice in one of six dessert bowls I found in a charity shop about a month ago, £2 the set. They are made by Midwinter, designed by the Marquis of Queensberry, with no scratches, so I guess in their time rarely brought out of the cupboard.

I was more than happy to accept this 20p Cornishware dinnerplate my stepdad stumbled across in one of his local charity shops, amongst a pile of other plates, shoved in a cardboard box. How it didn't end up chipped I don't know? I was also pretty chuffed to find this lovely summer fruits tablecloth a couple of weeks ago at a carboot for £1, folded and unused still in its wrapper.

Charity begins at home - that family members are more important than anyone else, and should be the focus of a person's efforts. This morning I found this small Mason Cash bowl in one of my local charity shops for 29p, which I thought was an odd price to charge? Perfect for beating up a couple of eggs in.

Have you had any good charity finds lately?


The Dutchess said...

Yes i did ,and your lovely post inspired me to make a post about my.... ,and now i have a problem because i don't know the right translation in english,but i believe its a "cabinet".This cabinet was from my great great grandmother.Loved the tablecloth..!

pebbledash said...

Lucky you! I love that bowl with the cherries. Usually me and charity shops are a disaster, but I did find four lovely pyrex turquoise bowls a few weeks back. I adore them And blogged about them, needless to say!!
D x

the homely year said...

Hi Louise, those are great finds...I love Mason Cash bowls...they're the perfect shape for beating eggs, making butter icing and so on.
Margaret and Noreen

Ragged Roses said...

|What great finds Louise, I love the Cornishware plate! I haven't had any good finds for ages, but we were in Lewes today and my daughter bought a wonderful vintage straw hat that was marked down by 75% - she was over the moon! Take care, where's the sun gone?

LizzieJane said...

I want to go charity shop shopping with you, what wonderful finds, I never seem to find much of anything and when I do it usually has a chip or a crack in it. Maybe I just need to look a little harder.
Have a lovely weekend!

Big Bro said...

Ah, the old 29p trick :)

acornmoon said...

I never find anything nice in charity shops, maybe you have been there first? I love the white bowl, maybe I should look some more.

Linda said...

Hi Louise,
Those cherries look Yum, looks like you have been having some beautiful weather over there at the moment, (i'm sooo jealious) I type this with cold fingers that keep hitting the wrong keys, can't wait till Winter is over.
Cheers Linda

Gillian L. said...

In Canada we call them Thrift Shops and I love to go to them. I have gotten everything from furniture to tea cups, but I find you have to go frequently as you never know when something special has is going to arrive. Your dishes look lovely...especially with those cherries in them!


Simone said...

Those cherries look lovely! I have never got a good charity shop or boot sale find - I guess everybody gets there before me! 29pence is a very strange price to charge. I suppose they thought you wouldn't stretch to 30p!!!

Pat said...

Those cherries look scrumptious! Your dishes and linen finds are wonderful.
I never find anything good in charity shops --it all gwts picked over by so many, so quickly.