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mill hill in shoreham ...

Today we went on a 20 mile round cycle ride (with some walking up the steep bits) along the South Downs Way from Lancing, across to Devils Dyke, down to Hangleton and back again. I had intended to take lots of photos but the weather changed for the worse about a third of the way into the trip, so the camera had to be packed away. Is it just me, or is everyone else starting to get just a little tired of the relentless rain and wind we have been having?

Before we set out, we looked up a five hour forecast on the internet which said to expect possible showers, and brightening up by 11.00 am. We set off on our ride just before 7.30 am and took coats as forewarned. For anyone who knows the area we reached Truleigh Hill before the heavens opened, and they continued to stay open until we reached home again. Our clothes were literally hanging off us, we were cold and sopping wet. In a hilarious way we did enjoy ourselves and kept smiling and chuckling throughout the whole ride, and we did have a flask of hot water with us to make lattes, which warmed us up no end.

We were hoping to have a nose at what was happening at the Beachdown Festival which was being held up at the Dyke? As it turned out all we could see through the mist and torrential rain was the campsite, drenched, cold looking campers and the car park. The scene reminded me very much of what it must be like at Glastonbury, knee deep in mud!

The photo of the lovely calf was taken from cattle grazing land just past Mill Hill in Shoreham. Strangely enough no cows were lying down. Is it true that when cows are lying down in a field, it means it is going to rain?

Mill Hill - watercolour painting by Robert Thome Waite RWS painted in 1867 and presented to the Marlipins Museum in honour of Henry Cheal in appreciation of his work.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed but thankfully not inspired! :o) The pics are lovely and I think the trip sounds like a lot of fun!
You are right about the weather though. I'm trying not to let it get to me but it's not easy. Having said that Saturday and Sunday were lovely days... today was overcast and finally the rain won the war at 6pm and it's rained ever since!

Lesley said...

What a shame you got soaked! I have had enough wet weather now, thank you very much. I imagine the summer will return after 3rd Sept when the kids are back at school and I'm back at work!!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that it rained on your bike trip but I do love the pictures. I had never heard that cows lay down when it rains. That's interesting. I've always lived close to a city but I would love to live in the country some day. I hope you have a lovely day.

Indigo Blue said...

Your top photo is brilliant!. You should send that into the CountryFile calender competition later in the year on BBC2.

Sal said...

Agreed..your photo is fantastic!
The Mill Hill watercolour isn't bad either !! ;-)

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely area of the country, it was a shame it rained though, but I bet you enjoyed yourselves despite the rain. Lovely photo's!

Flighty said...

It looks like being the wettest August for 100 years!
I'm not surprised that we're all fed up with the weather.
Let's hope that we have a glorious autumn and an Indian summer. xx

Country Bliss said...

Beautiful photo of the calf. I'm fed up with the constant rain and drizzle I'll be glad when its Winter at least we know what to expect with the weather then!

The Dutchess said...

I am going to remember this summer as the Rain and Wind Season..wonder what Autumn has in store for us?Lovely painting..

Ragged Roses said...

That was a very impressive bike ride Louise! This weather is just awful isn't it!! i was wondering how things were going at Beachdown, it doesn't sound like much fun too me and it's so exposed up there too. sorry to hear you got so wet

Anonymous said...

HI Louise,
Thank you so much for my award,it really was sweet of you to think of me x
I love the water colour,its beautiful and the little calf is a real cutie...the weather is a nightmare...i mean it won't be long now until its dark early and summer is just a memory.....i was always told that cows laid down when it rained,i shall have to look and let you know next time i'm out lol.
Hope you are dry now love Kristina XxX

Simone said...

It was worth braving the elements to get that lovely picture postcard image of the calf. I am sure it did you good to be out and about exercising in the fresh air. At least you could get warm and cosy once home again!

Anonymous said...

oohhh i forgot to say can you pop over for a cup of tea and pick something up?
Love Kristina XxX

Chelle said...

I have found that as miserable as it is to be drenched to the bone in a rain storm, those are always some of the fondest and funnest memories. I can't remember getting caught in the rain when I didn't think it was great fun.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Louise..
What a handsome chap in that top photo!
I do envy your bike rides.. I would so love to have a bike here in Bath but it is just a little toooo steep on these hills for me..
Yes... the weather is pants and today we were promised 24c... pulling back the curtains it is grey and drizzly and oh so miserable!
Come back sun... all is forgiven!
Michele x

Pat said...

It's so nice that you are able to take long bike rides together such as thsi one. I wish it hadn't rained so hard but it sounds like ti was fun and ultimately maybe more memorable because it had?

Love the cow photo! :-)

X0, Pat