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favourites meme ...

I have been given a tag from Ginny at The Flour Loft. Thanks Ginny.

4 places I’ve been
St Tropez

4 people I e-mail
Fiona my oldest friend
Stella at Life Limitating Art and Florence Hope
Michele at Cowboys & Custard
Daffy at Approaching 40

4 things to eat
Milk chocolate
Pain au raisin
Rice pudding

4 movies I’d watch again

Saturday Night Fever
The Elephant Man

4 places I’ve lived
Clapham Village

In a dreamworld

4 TV shows I watch
Gardener’s World
Hotel Babylon
Wife Swap

4 places I’d rather be
Living in the country
Running my own shop
Sitting in a café with a cream tea in front of me

Working in a visitor attraction garden

4 things to look forward to
Earning money

Having the garden just so

Seeing the sunshine

4 people to tag
Sal's Snippets
The World of Twiggypeasticks

The image above courtesy of Celia's post at Purple Podded Peas.


Mrs Moog said...

Thanks Louise! I'll try to do this tomorrow - there are some great questions there and I love your answers :)


Twiggy said...

Thanks from me too lady. I'll do mine tomorrow too - am sure folks will think not more Twiggy info - arghhh. Have promised myself I'm going to watch Little Women for the zillionth time this evening.
Twiggy x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, I've just been having a sniff of my Devon Violets perfume, it is quite sweet but I like it, not sure I'd wear it as perfume though. Great to read little snippets about you in your tag!
Lucy x

Sal said...

Thanks! I will try and get around to it..I have a backlog of tags right now...so many I don't know what to do with them all ;-)

Katherine said...

Hi Louise!
I love your visits to my blog and have been wanting to email you directly. Would you contact me through my profile page (click on email me) so that we may chat?


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
I'm loving this tag,great questions and even better answers ....i love the pretty heart frame that was waiting for you in the charity shop...so cute!
Thank you so much for your kind words about Max,it means a lot to me x
Love Kristina XxX

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well Louise.. just a few more mutual foibles to add to the list..
Mystified by Angmering.. where is that? I shall have to go and google it now!
When did you go to St Tropez ? .. I was there on my family hols in 1960..It was tres chic from what I can remember!
I share your list of places you would rather be..
a shop, a cream tea, a garden.. oh bliss!


Unknown said...

grease and saturday night fever - my all time fav, now i got to get those DVDs, happy weekend :)

periwinkle said...

Thanks Louise and if you would like to look at my Blog you'll see I've tagged you right back. I'm in a dreamworld most of the time too.
Lisa x