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bargain books and a book tag ...

I picked up this book for a £1 the other day, in unused condition. Likely another present someone has been given and hasn't read before giving away?

Has anyone else had any bargain book finds lately?

Do you know all there is to know about Jane Austen? Such questions as -

Who was the Irishman who stole her heart?
Why was their affair doomed?
Which Austen heroine most resembled Jane?
Who were the real Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy?
Why did Jane never marry?

About a month ago! Sal from Sal's Snippets chose me to do a book tag.

The rules are -

Pick up a book of at least 123 pages
Open the book to page 123
Find the fifth sentence
Post the next three sentences
Tag five people

So I've picked up 101 Things you Didn't Know About Jane Austen, opened at page 123, found the fifth sentence down, and this is what I read from the chapter entitled 'Drawing' -

But this is one of the rare instances when the Tilneys are themselves being gently satirized, for embracing a trendy theory and its jargon. Catherine's 'ignorance' in this case is equally the common sense that sees that the emperor is not wearing clothes: 'It seemed as if a good view were no longer to be taken from the top of a high hill, and that a clear blue sky was no longer a proof of a fine day.' After Henry's lecture to Catherine on the picturesque, however 'she voluntarily rejected the whole city of Bath, as unworthy to make part of a landscape'.

Tag five people? This is just for fun, so only take part if you have some free time -

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Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
I'll play along. I have abook by mybed that I am reading so I'll use it.
I got a book bargain a couple of weeks ago. The series of 6 books by Winston Churchill about the Second World War. I am not a history buff by any means, but I admire Winston Churchill and they are classics so I am going to try to read them. If nothing else they look nice on the bookshelf!
Hope you had a good wekend. By the time you read this it will probably be over!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'll play along too, Louise! Thank you!
It will be on my blog tomorrow as I participated in a "four tag meme" today.

"The 101 things You Didn't Know About Jane Austin" looks like fun to read, and now I hope you will answer all those questions :-)

I love bargain books, and I find many for sale at my local public library. I have to use great restrain not to buy them all, however, as my bookshelves are groaning and spilling over onto the floor. My very best find was a 1907 book called "A Dream Of Fair Women" that had excerpts from poems and illustrations by Harrison Fisher. It's beautiful!


Ragged Roses said...

I think my daughter might know some of the answers to those Jane Austen questions! Louise, I love that photo of your mother in the post below. Sorry I didn't catch the post when you wrote it but just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you. Lily of valley always reminds me of my mother too.

Twiggy said...

Cool book and idea. I've just started reading a book by Alan Bennet - Untold Stories - it looks brand new and cost me 95p from a local charity shop. I love it so far, it's very Yorkshire and so many things he writes about his mum could be about my granny!
wiggy x

Mrs Moog said...

Hi Louise,

thanks for your comment on my blog. Sadly I will not get to relax at Dad's. He's like another child - only much much more so since Mum died!!

My two have 'packed for Grandad's but nothing that he can trip over or that'll annoy him or that'll interupt him watching Countdown' etc etc!!

A couple of days there is really the least I can do as my brother lives just round the corner from him. It's just so different now Mum has gone as she used to get the kids involved in all sorts of activities.

Ho hum - at least I'll be back soon!!


Elizabethd said...

Lovley blogs. I enjoyed reading them.

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating book and such a bargain.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, just catching up and saw your post about your mum, a lovely tribute to her. She looks beautiful in the photo, I can't imagine how it must feel without her, lots of happy memories though, no doubt.
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
I would love to partisipate in your book tag and will be posting sometime today.

Louise said...

Thanks anonymous for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Simone said...

I never seem to get a bargain book! Even in charity shops I seem to pay over the regular retail price! :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Mission accomplished Louise! I blogged my book tag today. Thanks! It was fun to do and educational.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, yes there are some lovely places to visit around here, just wish I lived in one of them! Hungerford would be top of my list, I think.
Lucy x

Chelle said...

I bought that book when I was in Bath last April! I have to ashamedly admit that I have not yet read it, but I did read everything Jane Austin after acquiring that book. I think it just got buried in the bookshelf and forgotten about while I was trying to read all of Jane's works.

I just love books, going to the bookstore, and buying books at bargain prices.

Christy said...

Hi Louise,

First of all, thank you for visiting my humble blog. I've added you to my blog friends list too! :)

Oh, that looks like a great book! Great find at a bargain price. :)

I bought my "The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen" at an insanely cheap price too. So many treasures to find at those bargain price bookstores if one has the patience !

The Diva said...

Thanks, Louise for tagging me. I'm going to do the post tomorrow or Sat. I've just been swamped, but I appreciate it.~~Dee