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Remember a few posts ago, I showed you a photo of my Great Aunt Bess posing for a photographer in his studio, alongside her, her faithful companion Dandy Duke. Since that post I have been informed, by a reliable source, the lady in the photo is infact Great Aunt Nell, her sister!

The silhouette above by Baron Scotford, was passed down from Bess to my granny, who was her niece, and then on to me. I have no story to go along with it, which is a pity, although I have done some homework and discovered a website which showcases some of Baron Scotford's work.

Celia from Purple Podded Peas asks if I have it in a frame? Yes I do. Every silhouette should have a plain black frame.


Anonymous said...

What a great illustration, Louise. Captures a certain spirit of Dandy Duke.

Magic Cochin said...

What a fantastic technique, it looks like woodcut, very clever. Do you have it in a frame?


Pat said...

Happy Monday Louise!

Very interesting and elegant silhouette work by Baron Scotford. I enjoyed reading about him.

At least now you know you have the right identity for you aunt's picture! I'm sure she'd be happy about that ;-)


Simone said...

How lovely to own a piece of history with a family connection too! On the website about him it said that the work was not worth much as he was very prolific. Very prolific maybe but extremely talented too. (I also had a Great Aunt Nell!)

twiggypeasticks said...

aww he's so cute, I love it when you have historical details of family bits and bobs - great stuff
Twiggy x

carolyn said...

Dandy Duke is lovely reminds me a little of a Cecil Aldin.

M.KATE said...

got 2 awards for you, an E for this excellent blog and a cute bear too. sorry, didnt do the linking as i want to give everyone..list is long.. happy week ahead :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's a lovely picture & a nice little heirloom!


Katherines Dream said...

What a lovely little family treasure. He is cute.
Carol xx

Sal said...

A lovely silhouette of Dandy Duke. I wish I had seen the site prior to doing my silhouettes last week..I could have impressed!! Sal;-)

Lesley said...

What a lovely picture and such a great history to it!


Ragged Roses said...

Dandy Duke looks very handsome indeed!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

PS - on my blog today I have photos I took on Monday of the Mayflower II - flying its two St.George's Cross flags! =) Happy St.George's Day!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

OOPS! My first post didn't take, so that "PS" sounds funny! I had originally said that artwork is gorgeous, and a black frame suits it perfectly!

Gina said...

I love his name and this picture is such a lovely family treasure~ :O) Gx

Anonymous said...

I am researching Baron Scotford and I just discovered your blog. Do you know where Scotford's studio was located when he did this silhouette? Do you have any other silhouettes that he cut? Do you know when and where he died?


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