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apple festival at Middle Farm ...

We mingled with like-minded pomophiles at the weekend!

We do this sort of thing down here in West Sussex!

The lovely Bessie May!

Call me strange, but I love a cow's lashes!

This home is where the heart is!

What I got up to at primary!

No good without a load of apples!
Best to pulp up your friends pre-walk!


Simone said...

It looks like such a wonderful weekend! I like the look of the apple cider too! x

periwinkle said...

Oh I love cider , just a dabble mind or it goes straight to my head :-)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Great photos. The mulled cider recipe looks yummy.I agree, cows eyelashes are sweet.

Glo said...

What fun! Nothing nicer than a fresh crisp apple, unless of course it's a sip of cider ;) Celebrating and exalting harvest produce is a great tradition ~ Great heart windows, and sweet animals and eyelashes as well :)

Jim C said...

nice pics, and a fantastic local event with great weather! if you want to learn more about about and cider - check out http://www.real-cider.co.uk.

Jim @ Real Cider, Brighton, UK

Anonymous said...

That all looks, and sounds, like it was rather good fun! Flighty xx

Rosie said...

I love apple days! Looks like a wonderful day out with plenty to see and do.