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n'er cast a clout 'til May is out ...

Keep your coat on, until the May blossom's out!

The weather over the last couple of days has been cold and wet, but not a total washout.

Not put off with the forecast of yet more rain, we set off in the search of our native English Bluebell (seen above mixing in quite happily with the beautiful white almost heart-shape petals of Greater Stitchwort), knowing of an area a bit off the beaten track, where it would hopefully be just us and the wildlife.

It wasn't long before we were cycling past spectacular glades of English Bluebells.
More Bluebells, and batches of native Primroses here and there too.
Much of the bridlepath was above ankle-deep in clay mud, and pretty much impassable on a bike.
We were surprised at how boggy it was, considering the long continuous spell of dry and sunny weather we've been having over the past month.
On the path above we were now able to hop back on our bikes.
I was astounded to see the large areas of Euphorbia, never having seen the plant in such an excessive quantity before.
On the return part of the ride, this time along quiet lanes, we pass the tiny Parish Cemetery at Shermanbury.
It's curiosity draws us in.
A pretty mass of Primrose vulgaris, surrounds the headstones.
Calm and unmoving, with only a male Pheasant for company.
Cuckoo Pint? Otherwise known as Lords and Ladies!
At this stage we were both very soggy, muddy and cold!
This area is alongside the layby where we park up.
Up until recently you could only see the top of this picnic bench, the area having been left overgrown with long grasses and allsorts of weeds.
It's a huge improvement for us, but a loss of the veritable wildlife habitat it had once become.


Kathy said...

Lovely photographs - I've only seen bluebells in small patches near us. I haven't seen swathes of them yet.
I love looking around old churchyards _ they're just steeped in history!
Have a good week
Love Kathy xxx

Kris said...

So pretty! We woke up to a wet morning here. The cars are swishing past on Sir Donald Bradman Drive. (Our side fence is on this road that leads to the airport so it's always pretty busy!)

Carol said...

That was a lovely little walk, well maybe it was not so little but I am sure you felt wonderful after it.
The picdtures are lovely. This is what I call real old fashioned English spring weather/ Lets hope it beings forth a proper English summer.
I did smell a Bkuebell scented candle in a gorgeous little shop ove the weekend, it reminded me of still woodland glades rather like the ones you have shown us.

Amanda said...

What a lovely day out - I do so adore the Bluebell Woods, they are so magical. Thanks for sharing xx

Simone said...

Beautiful pictures Louise. As I child I used to pick wild bluebells from the wood and take them in to teacher! I don't think picking wild bluebells is allowed anymore but we were always told it was ok as long as you didn't pull out the roots. My garden has the French variety of bluebell that seems to have colonised. Sadly there is not an English bluebell to be seen! x

LizzieJane said...

Your post today bought back a lot of memories. I remember as a little girl going to a Bluebell wood not far from our house. I thought it was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen. I also remember picking wild Primroses and Cowslips and proudly bringing them home to my mother. She would put them in little empty jam jars. Then they would have a place of honour on the kitchen window sill so she could enjoy them while she washed the dishes.
Lovely post Louise.

silverpebble said...

Goodness I enjoyed this - thankyou SO much for showing us the wild flowers, and especially the bluebells. Hurray !

JuicyFig said...

the bluebells are still teetering round here - don't we live on a fantastic island!


harmony and rosie said...

I think you're probably right about keeping the coat on a little longer, I was completely fooled by that fabulous weather a couple of weeks ago and got my Summer clothes out! Such a pretty walk you've been on, we too have been on our bluebell pilgrimage this weekend.


Rosie said...

What a wonderful post - lovely bluebells, wildflowers and churchyards. When I was a child we had bluebell woods in our village and we children would walk in them and pick the bluebells for our Mums - they were very wilted by the time they arrived home - usually to be placed in a milk bottle in the kitchen window by a delighted Mum:)

Jennie said...

I love bluebells, they are one of my favourite flowers. Gorgeous photos x