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I found this treasure of a purple violet today, hiding in dappled shade underneath a low hedge in the garden.

More treasures recently unearthed, packed away in a box in the loft, is my collection of Devon and Torquay Ware Violets perfume bottles.

Collected back in the early 1990s, for what you would say peanuts!

Some have decorative metal stoppers.

Some don't!

You can find these bottles, at relatively low prices on ebay.

I must say to being just a tincy wincy bit tempted at times, to further my collection!

I love this A Bunch of Violets Dubarry Talcum bottle, bought around the same time.

It's the epitome of the Art Deco period with its Sunburst design and cloudy glass.



Kris said...

Art deco is just so chic!

LizzieJane said...

Violets are among my most favorite flowers. What a lovely collection you have. I am positively envious!

Milly and Dottie said...

How I loved Devon Violets perfume. Do you ever see the little glass bottles with in the shape of a heart, house or Pixie? Very nostalgic..
Lovely collection Louise..

We have a large clump of violets in the garden..maybe I could try making my own perfume.. maybe not!

Michele xx

Ragged Roses said...

Oh the smell of violets always reminds me of my mother! She always, always had a packet of parma violets in her bag...

twiggypeasticks said...

I love violets too, always remind me of my Grandma :)
Twiggy x

pebbledash said...

So pretty, and such a timeless appeal - both the real violets and the perfume bottles.

renaissance said...


Rosie said...

I remember my grandma having Dubarry talc and parma violet sweets! I love the Cornishware bottles:)