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The Orchard ...

Holds an Apple Day every year in October.

There's beautiful blossom to be seen on the trees right now.

Attractive wooden plaques identify the variety, Egremont Russet, a classic apple from the Victorian era.
The blossom of an old English Cooking Apple.
This orchard is only small, but if you want to take a quick peek, or have a hearty breakfast in The Orchard restaurant, both are along the A272, parallel to the old West Grinstead Railway Station.
You may even get to hear, or better still see this dear little fella too!


Amanda said...

Oh I love it - may have to check it out if I'm ever that way! My favourite place in Cambridge is the Orchard at Grantchester - sitting under the trees having afternoon tea is just so magical!

Kathy said...

The apple blossoms are GORgeous!

OhSoVintage said...

Beautiful apple blossom. Isn't all the blossom on the trees just wonderful this year?
Ruth x

Rosie said...

The apple blossoms are so pretty - I love this time of year and I also love the wonderful names of the apple varieties - so full of character and colour:)

JuicyFig said...

there is something very wholesome about the word 'russet' - lovely! I ALWAYS wanted an orchard of my own...

Lovely pics


silverpebble said...

Oh don't you just love the pink of apple blossom - so subtle and beautiful. I love the idea of an apple day too.

LizzieJane said...

I love apple orchards. i wish I lived nearby as I woulkd love to make a visit. The apple blossoms are one of my favorites. You live in such a wonderful area of the country Louise.

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh lovely, apple blossom is just gorgeous, I love orchards, there is such a wonderful atmosphere to them, sad there aren't so many of them as there used to be

lou said...

Beautiful Louise…I feel really relaxed now!

Love Lou xxx

Kerri said...

What a gorgeous blossom :)