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pasta and sardine salad ...

Take four ingredients, a tin of sardines in oil, cooked Gigli pasta (40z dry weight), thin slivers of onion, and black pepper. Photograph at a jaunty angle.

Photograph, two Le Creuset (as new) large ramekin dishes found yesterday in a local Scope charity shop, 50p each!

Photograph, rather nice sunny yellow packaging. These sardines were on special offer last week in Waitrose, at 99p.

Eat, delicious sardine and pasta salad for supper, all to yourself!



Karens Hopes said...

Your "jaunty angle" in your photography is an art in itself.
Hope you enjoyed your supper.

acornmoon said...

It's so nice to get a bargain isn't it?

Your photographs looks nice enough to eat! ( and healthy too).

Good luck with the bike ride, a very worthy cause. I hope the sun shines on the event.

Anonymous said...

this pasta salad looks so yummy! I love the photos of sardine the tins!

Simone said...

I must try your 'supper' for my 'lunch' next week! x

Anonymous said...

I am sure there is a place for sardine tin art .... there are some great ones ... I have a couple of tins I can't open because I like them so much.

Strange or what?

LizzieJane said...

I really like sardines and they are so good for you. Thank you for this tasty recipe.
Have a lovely weekend,

Cathy said...

Nice way to present a recipe Louise
Sardines have to play a part in my diet now so thanks for this idea - good job I ike them

Rosie said...

Super recipe and lovely photos - what a great bargain from the Scope shop:)