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coconut cake ...

My coconut cake came out of the oven impersonating a crusty loaf!

After throwing in and mixing all the ingredients together, the raw mix did appear all glutenous and gloopy, and to be honest after scraping out the bowl, didn't taste particularly nice either.

I did wonder how this cake was going to turn out?

I'm always looking for trouble, and trouble usually finds me. But not in this case, as you can see underneath this hard exterior, is a firm, moist, springy interior waiting to be sampled.


I must confess, the dessicated coconut I used was a bit old. Buying it to make Lamingtons some time ago, I found the half full, half empty packet at the back of cupboard. Like you do.

As I love food, hate waste, I was reluctant in throwing it, and knowing I couldn't put it out for the birdies (it makes their tummies swell), I thought no harm in trying it, and surprisingly so, after all these months, it tasted fine.

I'll just take another bite, to be doubly sure!



twiggypeasticks said...

Will you post me a slice please :)
twiggy x

periwinkle said...

oh I love coconut cake and I think that maybe I've got some in a packet at the back of the cupboard too --- rushes off to check ....

Rosie said...

Your coconut cake looks lovely - a slice of it would be just right this afternoon with my mug of tea:)

LizzieJane said...

Coconut is one of my very favorite things. I think I could survive very well if I was marooned on an island that had a good supply of coconuts. Of course trying to pry them open would be another matter! Your cake looks lovely Louise. If I lived next door I would come and join you for a slice.

Amanda and Tim said...

Sounds like my kind of baking!!

Just to say, I got your email about the book, thanks, and will reply later... looking forward to receiving it and the mystery little gift xx

Anonymous said...

VERY DIFFICULT TO RESIST Coconut Cake. Thanks a lot, Louise.

Simone said...

It looks good to me! x

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious!
i'm glad you've said that birdies shouldn't eat coconut, i will remember never to put it out for them.
thankyou for your warm comment on my blog xxx