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bank holiday monday in the UK ...

With the pleasant weather we have been having it really does make you want to get up and go. So early this morning we jumped on the pushbikes and cycled into Brighton, just under 20 miles there and back! We have been saying for ages that we must do it, as most of the journey is cycle path along the coast, only having to cycle on the road for short distances. Well all I can say is we really enjoyed it and will definitely be doing it again.

Once in Brighton we stopped for a coffee in Caffe Nero in Bond Street. We like theirs as a double shot comes as standard, if you want weak coffee then you must say. I also squeezed a muffin, with J pointing at a sign saying 'do not squeeze me until I am yours' - whoops! We then had a stroll around The Royal Pavilion gardens, where we took a few photos.

We peddled back towards the coast where I snapped Brighton Pier.

And what is left of West Pier, once the finest in England, and the first one to be Grade I listed? A crying shame it has been allowed to end up like this?


Twiggy said...

I've never been to Brighton and my SIL keeps saying we must as it's fab. It does look lovely, what a shame about the pier, there is a pier preservation society in the UK now as there are so few left. Glad you had fun.
Twiggy x

Celia Hart said...

What a great day out! I had a bike when I was an art student in Brighton, the coastal route is glorious on a sunny day!

And heart breaking to see the West Pier as a burnt out wreck - it was derelict but savable 25 years ago.


Cowboys and Custard said...

This is a tempting glimpse of Brighton Louise.. I am hoping to visit it myself this month. I am really looking forward to it..
So much to see.. so little time!

I would love to have a long bike ride.. haven't been on a bike for years but I lived on my Moulton Deluxe bike when I was a lass.. It would probably be a collectors item now as so few were made then.

Glad you had some fun in the sun!

Simone said...

I love Brighton, especially around the lanes but I have not been for a few years. That was a very long bike ride. I can't ride a bike. I keep falling off and my feet won't reach the pedals. What an image!!!!

carolr said...

Bike riding makes you feel so young, doesn't it? And what a pretty place.

Gina said...

I've been thinking of taking up bike riding again..but keep putting if off..you have inspired me to do it!
..and what a wonderful place to visit..such a shame that the West Pier has come to this.. the photos on the link are incredible.
p.s. best of luck with those job applications!

Ragged Roses said...

Glad you had a good time Louise, It was such a glorious day! Don't get me started on the pier!!! It's such a shame, I think they're just waiting for it to rot away! Well done you on that cycle ride

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

When we were first married, my husband bought us both bikes and we biked all over the place. Now we usually ride the exercycle in the kitchen...not the same at all!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to spend a lovely spring day! Biking and taking in the scenery, then coffee and a muffin :-)

Funkymonkey said...

You certainly had better weather than we did in the Midlands. I haven't been to Brighton for around 20 years. Are the shops and the lanes still as nice? I agree with you about the Pier. When I went on holiday as achild a daily walk along the pier was magical.

Mrs Moog said...

What a lovely way to spend the day. I've only been to Brighton once for a work's lunch and had no time to see any of the sights.

It really is a shame that the old pier has been left to get so bad. That seems to be the way for so many of our coastal towns.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

20 mile bike ride? Good for you and J!
Brighton Pier looks so pretty, and the water looks so blue!
It's too bad the fire destroyed what was left of West Pier. Maybe someday it'll be rebuilt?

Glo said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip ~ fresh air and exercise! You're an inspiration :)

Sal said...

I'd love to visit Brighton again.I haven't been for about 8 years and really fancy mooching around the Lanes again.
I love all the pics! ;-)

carolyn said...

We haven't taken much care of our piers have we?