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Look at what I received through the post, on this very special leap year day of 29th February. The goodies above, all wrapped up in pink tissue and bow.

I ordered these lovely pegs only a couple of days ago from Lucy Bloom, half are magnetic to stick on your fridge/freezer and half are to use as bag clips. They are so pretty and the blue gingham goes very well in my kitchen.

Thanks Lucy for the little pomander heart and fizzers too!


BumbleVee said...

I have seen these little pegs before, I wonder if it is the same girl making them? Very cute.
Tx for stopping by ABC WEDNESDAY post...

Hahah… yep, that’s me Louise… shameless. I even had a silly girl notion (had I been brave enough) to have my pic taken with a burly firefighter… you know how it goes then… imagining him carrying me (in the manner of old romance novels) across the threshold of the fire station and out into the beautiful sunlight for a photo….. but then!! the brakes of my imagination screeched me to a full halt in mid step and I got all hot and prickly! I remembered that he WAS a fireman after all …and then all I could think was that he would more than likely throw me over his shoulder and what I would have is a great pic of a handsome young dude in his firefighting regalia … with my bum stuck up there right beside his face! Acckkkkk!!!

cd&m said...

They are simply charming and how lovely for them to arrive on a day that only comes around once every 4 years.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

These are adorable and love the cute graphics on the paper. Gret find.


M.KATE said...

tks for dropping by and these are the prettiest pegs i have ever seen :)