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meet psychedelic bunny ...

He is my entry into Jayne from Country Cottage Chic 'teddybear challenge'. Yes I know he doesn't look much like a teddy, but she did hint dolls and bunnys are allowed too, yes he is a bunny! He is the only soft toy survivor from my childhood days.

What you do is you submit a photograph either then or now, of your favourite childhood teddy or toy. Then let her know, and she will then link your post to hers, it's as simple as that, and the more people that join in the better. Pop over and take a look at Jayne's lovely photo of her at five weeks old with her first teddybear, it is really cute, I think you will agree.

I would have thought all of you must have guessed by now that I don't sew these days, in fact this really was the last thing I stitched together, well that is apart from holes in socks! I made him at primary school, so he is at least 33 years old. Doesn't he look good for his age?


Deb said...

Hi Louise
I've come over from Jayne's.
Your bunny is sweet - how great that you stitched him together :-}
I thought it was a great "challenge" too and have posted about my favourite childhood toy as well.

Anonymous said...

I think he's an adorable bunny! ~ hugs, Lynda xox

Pretty Practicals said...

Bunny Cuteness!
I love the idea and will go and find one my of old tattered friends to photgraph.
Chat soon, Liz

Anonymous said...

Louise, I can't believe he's 33 years old! He's very modern looking with his vibrant fabric and stitched face.

Country Cottage Chic said...

He's a lovely bunny & the bears love bunnies too so of course he's welcome - he's been added to the growing list of friends on the Teddy Bear Challenge!


cd&m said...

He is a handsome chap!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Louise as you have guessed I am all behind at the moment....too many of those Lists!
What a cutie bunny is.
Your spring lambs are adorable.
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Just joined in with the Teddy Challenge, your Bunny is a happy looking chap.

Jane said...

He looks very, very Japanese craft book contemporary!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Louise
Well you know I can never resist a bunny!
I think your creation looks very contemporary... you must have inspired many with your choice of fabric..
Now my camera has decided to oblige I think I will go and seek out my favourite chewed toys..


prettyshabby said...

hi, I've popped over via jaynes blog too..I thought he was a new bunny not an old one..very retro! he's fab! it's amazing how even toys come back into fashion 30 years later

Linda said...

Hi Louise,
Your psychedelic bunny looks great for 33 years, whats his secrete, is it carrots or something else?
Cheers Linda

Joanna said...

I'm going to post a toy tomorrow, his a mouse, we love your bunny, he looks wonderful.

white o'morn said...

He is one funky bunny! I love him.