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a de-cluttering spring clean ...

I don't know about you, but as soon as the daffodils appear I feel it is time to have a good clear out of rubbish. I am in the clutter, clutters up my head camp, does clutter affect you! I personally, just can't function properly around it, and until I have done something about it, only then can I get my head around the thought of doing something else.

There are many books you can buy on this very subject, but I am sure everyone knows what to do, it just takes time for one thing, and commitment to get the job done, another. Anyway, I am on the lookout for some more cheap large storage baskets etc to put the things I can't get rid of, at this moment in time, away.

In the meantime I have settled on buying this set of tins from Tesco, for £2! They match my kitchen colour scheme perfectly. I don't like Tesco as a rule, but they do every so often come up trumps with their homeware.


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise...I need some deep cake tins as well as my old tupperware one split a while ago. Don't know whether I can bring myself to go into Tesco though...it's been quite a while and could be rather traumatic. Supermarkets, much as I dislike them, do stock some really stylish homewares, don't they?
Margaret and Noreen

Anonymous said...

Love hate relaionship here with Tesco, hate their "world domination" ways but you have to give them credit for being good at what they do.

Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Louise

What a bargain! I'm also thinking of clearing the clutter, but with a big show to prepare for next month, I'm trying to resist distractions!

Anyway, we are still having snow, so spring is some way off ~ time yet to think about spring cleaning.

Marie x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Louise.. I know exactly what you mean about household clutter becoming a mental burden..
I feel so unsettled when the house is in a mess and can't relax at all..
Looks like we have the same taste in kitchen scales.. I am just about to use mine to make Delia's scrummy lemon cake..

Lots of love

Just Original said...

Hi Louise,

I can not sew if my work room is a mess, not to fussed about the rest of the house I have to say! Just to let you know the Mabel Lucie Attweel jug on my blog was a special edition for 2007, and there was only 100 made, I have number 10. I know what you mean about ebay coming up trumps, i feel really guilty as it only cost me £14, which I think was quite cheap. I know what you mean about supermarkets, I have to say I am not loyal to one it just depends how the mood takes me! They all make too much money anyway!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, great tins, I rarely frequent Tesco (I send Mr. Bloom instead!) but they are worth a look now and again, I find that Woolworths do some good homewares sometimes as well. I agree on the clutter thing, my life sometimes seems to just alternate between making a mess and clearing it up!
Lucy x

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Louise, our local Tesco is just over 50 miles away, so I am delighted to be able to report that their world domination hasn't reached as far as sleepy mid-Wales yet (too many mountains, not enough people I expect).
Can I ask for a bit of advice? How do you put 'my photo' at the bottom of your pics? I would love to be able to attribute the pics I use to whomever took it, but can't see how I might do that.
~ Liz

Carol said...

Hi Louise, it is good to have a spring clean...the trouble is once done it does not take long for me to feel it needs doing again!
Nothing like a visitor or two to get me going!
I think you did well for Tesco.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Yes I started my Spring Clean early, bravely washing the vertical blinds. :o)
I was wondering around TKMAXX last night with my dad and they have some rather nice and unusual kitchen storage pots.
Thanks for the comment on my recent post. It was very much appreciated. xx

Kris said...

I think de-cluttering is vitally important to well being. And you're right, I think we all know how to do it, it's just the time and commitment that are a problem! I'm starting to feel all "springcleany". It must be because it's not quite so hot here now!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hi Louise, the daffodils are blooming here too, yet I haven't started the "big clean up". Maybe today. I love the tins, but love the scale in the background even more.
Hugs, Laura