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you either love it or loathe it ...

I loathe it! Marmite have a website dedicated to this very much loved and loathed, dark brown nectar, and have e-cards to send to all your Marmite loving mates. Or click on Marmart to see how devotees squeeze it on their toast, there are some budding Marmartists out there!

Will you be searching for an unusual Valentine's gift for that special person in your life, how about Marmite with a hint of champagne? 600,000 limited edition jars of 'Lovers Marmite' using the usual ingredients with 0.3% champagne added are going on sale ahead of February 14th. A special gold label has been produced which says 'I love you' and 'For my lovely Marmite lover'.

How much do you think that special person in your life is worth? Sainsburys will be selling it at £2.99 and Selfridges, a pound more at £3.99.

Now, if money is no object when it comes to that special person in your life, Selfridges have commissioned jewellery designer Theo Fennel to create just fifty pots of 'Lovers Marmite' with a sterling silver engraved lid, priced at £145!

Michelle from the USA has never clapped eyes on this brown yukky stuff, click on Marmite to see what the ingredients are? I guess it is very similar to Vegemite, although this fact comes from a very unreliable source!


Just Original said...

I have t say I loath marmite, and no amount of money would make me spend £145 on it. Just think what else you could spend the money on!

Anonymous said...

I don't like it either!

Nicola said...

We love it, but don't buy it here in Canada because you pay a lot for a tiny jar. The inlaws have always brought a big jar or two with them when they visited, and we will no doubt have some when we fly over in the spring, but I don't think we'll bother with the champagne version!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Yuck yuck yuck!!
Give me a jam sandwich any day!
Not sure why I like twiglets though..???


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...


Pretty Practicals said...

Mmm ~ On toast with cheese ~ perfect!

Anonymous said...

LOUISE! Your post made me laugh out loud :-D I've never tried Marmite, probably never will, but I do enjoy the love/hate that is expressed around the world for this polarizing food.

Chelle said...

Okay Louise, I'm a Yankie; please explain what Marmite is. lol

Is it like vegimite? Or is it more like Nuttella (yum!). Personally, I prefer the classig PB&J. I grew up eating PB&J with my dad, so it provides a bit of nostalgia for me.


sheila said...

Well, I just LOVE the stuff, and whenever we have friends come over to visit from the UK, I ask them to bring the latest Marmite containers. So far we've seen the big jars and the little heart-shaped containers you usually see in restaurants with peanut butter in them. It's available here, though, so we're not suffering any. Vegemite is awful stuff, BTW. Ick. Ptooey.