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new year's honours ...

No OBEs, MBEs, CBEs or knighthoods, just this humble 'Friends Make The World Go Round' award, is being awarded to all friends who have paid a visit to my two blogs over the past couple of months. Please feel free to copy and paste it in to your own blog with pride.

Up until about six months ago I didn't truthfully know what a blog was, yes I had heard the word, but hadn't spared any time to investigate this unknown phenomenon. Then my sister-in-law put me on to her friend's blog, which I would occasionally pay a visit to, it was just idle curiosity really. I love gardening, and it wasn't until quite a few months later that I realised that to keep a blog was a really good means of recording what was happening in the garden, I had until then kept occasional typed up notes on my PC, but this was a great way of including photos as well.

So that was how it all started, I left my comments open and secretely hoped someone would find me, honestly not thinking anyone ever would, and when they did and I received my first comment, I couldn't believe that anyone had given little old me even a second of their time, I was so excited, and from then on just wanted to put more and more posts on.

... and the rest as they say, is history.


Nicola said...

Hi Louise. Isn't blogging fun! We're coming up for our one year blogiversary in the next week. As you say, it's a great way to record some of the moments of your life, knitting projects, things you grew. Thanks for the music, by the way, I like it AND it annoyed my teen who is sitting behind me on his own computer!!!

Flighty said...

I've been blogging nearly three years and really enjoy it. I'm amazed at who I've meet(so to speak), what I've read and generally had great fun.
I still get a buzz when someone new comments on my blog, as VP did yesterday having found me via here no less!
Happy blogging to us all in 2008! xx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, what a lovely award and how generous of you to award it to so many. I think there must be very few bloggers who regret starting their blog, it's such a wonderful friendly community. Long may it continue!
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

What a kind and generous award, thank you. Blogging can be such fun can't it, actually I have a sneaky feeing that it is just a little bit addictive. Anyway here's to happy blogging in 2008!
Happy New Year to you and your family.
Carolyn x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Louise.. thank you for sharing this award.. I will place it gently on my award shelf so as not to disturb the dust.
I am so glad you started your blog and maybe in a serendipitous way.. all our mutual blogging friends started with the same feelings... I certainly did and I know how revolutionary it has been to my life!
Long live blogging and especially .. Home is where the heart is..
Much love

Ragged Roses said...

How kind of you Louise to share this with us. One of the great things about blogging is the amount of sharing that goes on and, if nothing else, is more than enough to make us continue. Looking forward to reading more from you

Anonymous said...

Yep, blogging is great. I like it because it puts you in touch with so many really good people. Sometimes, if you watch the news, you can forget that there are good people out there but blogging reassures us we are not alone!

ChelleBez said...

Isn't it funny how life works itself out sometimes? Like you, comments not only make my day because someone actually read what I wrote, but because they cared enough about someone they didn't know to drop a note. I think that is just dang cool. Not only that, but it opens doors to making friendships with new people you would have otherwise never known. I have absolutely loved getting to know you, reading your blogs, and getting your comments. You've made my day and brought a smile to my face more than a few times.

I'm glad you decided to blog, and I'm glad I found you. :)


Beeswax, said...

Dear Louise, what a lovely gift of friendship, an award for all of us, how kind, I am so glad to have you as a blogging friend,you inspire me Louise..
The music is wonderful, I have it turned up on my comp just now,just a pleasure to listen too...all picked with so much thought, as is all your posts and photos, I enjoy your blog a great dael, and hope you blog for man, many months and years yet my dear...
Thankyou for all your comments to me too, xxLove Kathx :)
P.S. those resolutions look a bit like hard work to me!choosing an outfit, hard work indeed lol xx
I get a feeling of much romance in your life just now Louise!!music is so romatic!! hope we all get to hear your big desicion for this year soon...xxx

Katherine said...

I can relate to what you wrote, Louise. I got into blogging thanks to my friends and their idea of starting a blog together. Now, I think reading blogs and meeting others through blogging has become a part of my daily routine and I'm lost if I miss a day.
So happy you started blogging and to have found you! Especially love how diligent you are in writing comments. Such a treat.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely award and how absolutely appropriate for blogging friends! Hugs, and a happy 2008 blogging year to you.