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Michele from Cowboys & Custard fame, I have an award for you, not that your mantlepiece needs another one?

After reading your latest post, I think you need to belong to the same club as I do!


Holy Cuteness said...

Hej you have a nice blog!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh dear Louise... your generosity knows no bounds!
I am very pleased and grateful for yet another award from you... you really do live up to your blog name... all heart!
I will tidy up my mantlepiece today and squeeze this accolade in with the others...
Thank you so much.

P.s I am a hopeless blog addict and I hope there isn't a cure!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Louise
I've been catching up on all your posts! Marmite - can I be in the "I'll have it on my toast if there's nothing else in the cupboard" camp?

Anonymous said...

This is an award? I thought it was the general state of being for many bloggers! Congrats to Michele :-)