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My love of Cornish Yellow started with a ‘bargain buy’ at a local auction by my lovely late mum, thinking it would be for herself, but true to nature like many a thing, ended up in my possession – a lidded salt pot. I now have 50 original pre-war items after making frequent visits to collector’s fairs, flea-markets etc, I hasten to add no great finds at jumbles or boots, but some items I did buy ‘at the right time’ for ‘the right price’. These days the older pieces are really too expensive to buy so I have resorted to buying modern Cornishware which I use everyday, storage jars, pudding bowls, pestle and mortar, a great clock and a cafetiere (now only brought out on special occasions since seeing one sell on ebay for £70.00)!

I don't keep salt in the pot as I don't use table salt at all in cooking, it stands empty.

Yellow Cornishware is generally unlettered. The lettering is transfer printed even though the letter spacing is sometimes erratic and suggests hand-painting. A number of styles have been used, including at least two serif faces typical of the 1920s. Later, a sans serif face began to take over, with the last serif names disappearing in the 1960s.

Cornishware no more ..?

The sole survivor of South Derbyshire's once proud pottery industry has gone into administration. TG Green was established in 1864 by Thomas Goodwin Green and the distinctive Cornish Blue kitchenware was introduced in the 1920s. TG Green was the only manufacturer of the world famous Cornish Blue pottery range, which is avidly sought by collectors across the world and I for one will really miss not having the opportunity to buy Cornishware be it old or new.


Gigibird said...

Your mum found me some very nice pieces of blue and white....I have a milk horn she got me which I love...and a gravy boat

this is my patch said...

Welcome to my other blog Lynn, Stella was the only one to beat you to it, I hope others find it soon, as I will then be encouraged to add on some more entries and stop harping on so much about gardening!

Gigibird said...

Well actually I told Stella you had another one! but I couldn't comment on dolls as I hate them! I am a teddy person.
What you might want to do is add a link in your gardening post so readers can just click and read...we're a lazy bunch.

Lynn said...

I really like it, but I've never seen it before. We've just begun to get interested in antiques and collectables.

The blue and white sounds pretty.

Louise said...

Hi Primrozie, thanks so much for looking in at my other blog. Before we moved to our present home I spent some of my leisure time collecting, that was before I gained a huge garden, so these days my main interest is outside, which isn't a bad thing as I have a nice home full of lovely collectables now and don't really need any more! I am so pleased you are becoming interested in collecting, old items mixed in with new really do look lovely in the home. I hope you have time to look in from time to time and discover some of my other favourites things.

Cowboys and Custard said...

My parents once owned a cottage in Cornwall in the 1960's and the kitchen was full of blue and white.. my brother is now the proud owner of the whole collection.. I was given some of the yellow/cream and white cornishware by my late mother which I treasure.. I managed to find a matching jar so now have coffee, tea and sugar...actually it was called 'onionware' as I am sure you know.. shame you don't live near Bath.. I could chat happily for hours about the good old 60,s , Mabel Lucie Atwell etc etc.