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Photo Scavenger Hunt ...

Here are my entries for March - all twelve of them!

a lion

Lucky for me this one lives in my garden!

a rainbow

No real rainbow to be seen this month.

something green

Living lettuce!

an empty chair

Splash Point in Worthing.

something sentimental

One of my late Mum's gollys.

peeling paint

A fisherman's box along the beach at Worthing.

a collection

A small selection of my vintage Yellow Cornishware.

a ring

My maternal great-grandmother's wedding ring.

a fancy gate

I've always rather loved the gate in this old family photo.

a shadow

On TK Maxx in Worthing.

something as old as you

A card heralding my arrival!

a lamb

Taken in a field at Botolphs, West Sussex.

Please let me know if you are joining in, so I can list your blog on my sidebar.

I really don't want to miss anyone!

Here's the list for April:

April showers
your camera
a set of keys
an interesting shopname
a cross
a church
something yellow
a sculpture
something to do with Shakespeare
something to mark St Georges Day



Louise said...

Well done for finishing, it was a bit of a challgenge for me!

A great collection of photos - and you found a real lamb too, it wasn't easy for me as lambing season around here begins in April really!

I'm not sure you are in the list on my scavenger page, I will check and add you if not!


Rosie said...

Great photos, Louise! Love your choices. That sunburst gate is wonderful and I love your lambs and your yellow cornishware collection. It has been a challenge this month - I'm really enjoying seeing how we have all improvised with the rainbow:)

BadPenny said...

I love your peeling paint & shadow also the golly is a blast from the past ! Mine are up with a lot of difficulty this month !

Lisa said...

Really great photos. I love your rainbow, such a clever idea.
And your Cornishware photo is fab, am v jealous of all that loveliness.
We had a couple of days away in Worthing in 2009 and we all loved it there. I did blog about it way back then too.
Lisa x

Simone said...

You did really well with all your photos Louise. I started taking photos but didn't get around to finishing them! Your button rainbow is a great idea! x

Kathy said...

Love your rainbow ... what a great idea! So simple but so effective! Also love your yellow Cornishware!
Thanks for joining in!

Serenata said...

Great photos and wow to your yellow Cornishware!

bellaboo said...

Great pics..I think I've left it too late! I'll try and get it together for April's SH. :0)

driftwood said...

gorgeous photos! I love your rainbow and your great grandmothers ring, it's very similar to the one I wear that's my great grandmothers. really enjoying this photo hunt, and loving the way I'm finding new friends and places to visit. x

jordiegirl said...

Great photos Louise.

I'm joining in too, my first attempt was February. I've done the link thing on Kath's blog like she asked and it says I've done it but I can't see my link yet!!!! Anyway, I am at:


I've enjoyed checking out everyone's photos.

periwinkle said...

that rainbow is a brilliant idea and the smiley cornishware just lovely . Here's to next month .

PinkCatJo said...

Well done. I love seeing and reading these!

That's a very impressive gate...and a very cute golly! x

Glo said...

Lovely selection, Louise. It's such fun seeing what everyone chose. Your sweet birth announcement is perfect! I think the rainbow was harder to find than the lion! Great idea about the rainbow buttons :) Now what will April hold for us??

ellen's 52 said...

Huge jealousy on the cornishware! It looks gorgeous!
Impressed to see more real lambs too - I really struggled with this one, Norfolk is clearly lagging behind the rest of the country! Hopefully I'll do better in April.

Anonymous said...

Well done on such a interesting selection! Flighty xx

Harriet said...

Well, your Mum was obviously sentimental enough to keep cards from your arrival! Love that gate and your yellow Cornish ware - I'm deeply envious. I'd love you to add my blog to your sidebar for the Scavenger Hunt. http://cattapilladesigns.com/dreams/?p=2117

Harriet said...

P.S. Just seen I'm on the list already!! Thank you!

Kris said...

I love these photos! They are fascinating.

Cowboys and Custard said...

What a wonderful collection of photos Lou.. Very impressed with your yellow Cornishware and love that gate too.. Sums up 1940's Britain!

Michele xx

Hannah Fleming said...

The Geffrye Museum in London has an exhibition coming up and would very much like to include as a graphic in it your black and white photo of the 30s house with the sunburst gate. Please could you contact me if this is something you'd be happy for us to do? The main phone number or curatorial email address on the museum's website will reach me.


Hannah Fleming


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