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banana buns ...

I baked banana buns just in time for elevenses today - using a black 'n blue banana recovered from J's rucksack.

There's always a banana to be found in our house - both of us take at least one to work with us every day.

These are about as yellow as I like them, and fossilized black ones in the main, shamefully end up on the compost.

Not this one!

Top tip - Bananas degrade quickly and provide above-average bacterial activity for your compost.

Since when did we stop selling eggs by the dozen?

Fifteen in a box, ten in a box - and in this box nine!

A dozen (!) delicious, moist banana buns, baked in my Mum's old bun tin.

Suggestion - Serve warm, drizzled in golden or maple syrup, with a big dollop of thick cream, ice-cream or custard!

These banana buns remind me of/and taste very similar to the banana cake we ate a lot of, on both our trips to Australia.
As recently featured on Kris' blog Life at Rosemary Hill.

Baked in loaf form, we often found it served spread with sweet butter, the same thickness and texture of our Christmas brandy butter.

For the banana buns, I used and adapted the recipe for honey & banana cakes to be found in 200 Cupcakes from the Hamlyn all colour cookbook series.
It's a neat little book costing only £2.49 at good old trusty Robert Dyas.
I aim to try out lots of the fabulous recipes inside - and for that taste of Australia, I may well just put that frosting on the top of my buns next time!


Lisa said...

Love banana cake. And banana flapjacks too.
Your mug is so sunny!
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I like bananas too! Those cakes all look rather delicious! Flighty xx

Simone said...

They look really tasty. I bet a few chocolate drops in the mix wouldn't go amiss either!!! I put banana skins around the base of my rose bush to decompose. The potassium in the skin is supposed to be good for them so I've heard! x

periwinkle said...

We love bananas here too , I bought 20 today and they'll probably be gone in a couple of days . I have to agree with you on the colouring though , the slightest bit of brown and I can't touch them . Every time I see your yellow Cornishware it makes me smile - so bright and cheerful.

ahomespunyear said...

Like you I have a banana at lunch time every day. I think they're the ultimate snack...sweet, filling, good for you and come ready wrapped.
Love them in cakes too...yours sound delicious!

PinkCatJo said...

Mr P (looking over my shoulder) says 'yum - nice cakes' and I totally agree! x

Glo said...

I have three ripe bananas just sitting here waiting to be made into muffins or a loaf! It's good that they can be used this way, and often people put ripe unpeeled bananas into the freezer here if they can't bake them right away. They turn , but apparently are still Ok to use. Yours look very moist and delicious, and especially yummy because they were baked in your mum's baking pan :)

OhSoVintage said...

They look delicious and a good way to use up bruised bananas. I am incredibly fussy about bananas and can't eat them if they have just gone a bit black. I like your idea of hanging a picture of children wearing boots beside my collection. I do have several large ones of my grandparents as children so I will hunt them out and do just that, thanks for the suggestion. Have a lovely weekend.
Ruth x

RSA Certificate said...

Love how you put banana chips on top for a little extra kick! These look great :)

Ally Jay said...

Totally scrumptious

LizzieJane said...

What lovely muffins. I always have a banana with breakfast every morning. Sometimes I leave a couple to get really ripe to make muffins too! Love that you baked them in your mum's old bun tin... made them taste extra special I bet.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We just love banana muffins. Your house sounds a lot like mine. We always have bananas around. Well these just look so yummy!!

harmony and rosie said...

I bet they didn't last long!

life in red shoes said...

We love banana bread, that's we call it here, not nearly as lyrical?
Whenever I have an over ripe orphan, I pop it in the freezer, peel and all. When I have enough, or they fly out like torpedoes when I open the door, I make banana bread:)
I'll give your recipe a try!

Indigo Blue said...

These look scrummy!!