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The Tudors ...

It may be seen as inaccurate, it may be seen as trashy ...

but I've loved every season of The Tudors.

Love the beautiful photography and imagery too.

It doesn't appear to be on this evening.

I shall miss the wonderful soundtrack, and the stunning visuals!

Medieval torture!

If you are at all interested in history from this period, watch at your peril the two clips below.

Introduced by Natalie Dormer, who held the part of Anne Boleyn.
Behind the Tudors - Tower of London
Behind the Tudors - Hampton Court
It would be advantageous for you to watch.

Remember, heads may roll, and all that!



Simone said...

I haven't seen this series Louise and wish I had looking at the clips! I bet the real tudors weren't as good looking as the actors though!!! x

Lisa said...

I've been fascinated by the Tudors from about the ages of 7 after trips to Hever Castle, but I have never seen the series, don't know why it just passed me by!
Costumes from the series are on display at the Mary Rose musuem in Portsmouth at the mo.
Lisa x

Kris said...

It is on here, but I've never seen it. I don't think it matters if it's historically accurate, does it?

carol at home said...

Now I feel like I've missed out by not watching!

Twiggy said...

I have never watched The Tudors, it seems to have passed me by completely, the costumes look lush.
twiggy x

Wild Rose said...

Fascinating history ~ I wonder why I found history so boring at school!

I've only seen the first series of The Tudors. I'm hoping to find time to catch up with the rest at some stage.

I love the photographs and the costumes.

Marie x

LizzieJane said...

I have watched the whole series and just loved every minute of it.

Cowboys and Custard said...

I heartily enjoyed this series too..
My son is a bit of a history geek and loves anything to do with English history so we watched it together avidly.. though he did cover my eyes during the naughty bits!

Michele x

Chelle said...

I LOVE this show. I am so glad they started airing it on BBC. I came in on the second season, so I'll have to rent the first on DVD, but I can't get enough. It is fantastic!


Love The Tudors! I think they have probably used some artistic licence with Henry but who cares! Great Blog!

Me said...

How did this blog post pass me by?! Ooh- fellow Tudors lovers! I don't know anyone apart from my boyfriend who watched it. I have devoured the seasons that were on my BT Vision Box at an astonishing rate, and as I am without 'live' TV, and am not so interested on the rest of the programming on the box, I'm desperate for more! DVD box sets are sure to be on my Christmas List (I've been a very good girl afterall) xxx Gonna find a quiet corner of the day and have a look at those clips...