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Silverstone weekend ...

We had an amazing time at the weekend at round five of the 2010 Moto GP World Championship, with the Air Asia British Grand Prix returning to Silverstone.

The weekend was a big-5o birthday treat for JC, and for me!

I restricted taking photos, as I wanted to enjoy and lap up every minute.

Anyway, with my camera there really is no point in trying, when the bikes are doing speeds of over 200 mph!

Our team is Ducati Marlboro, and on race day Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner finished fourth and fifth respectively.

No podium!

my photos

We had designated seats in Woodcote A, on the end of a row.

From here, there's a fantastic view of windy sections of track, the back end of Pits Straight, and the finish.

The rest of the time we were able to rove, so we watched practice and qualifying from other areas of the track.

The weather was mixed, Friday and Saturday was brass monkeys!

For the middle of June it was freezing, with a north-easterly ripping through the grandstand seats. I can't believe how sensible we were in taking spare warm clothes and a fleece!

Fortunately on Sunday it was warm with sunshine, and we could peel off for race day!

There were a few thrills and spills in practice and qualifying.

On race day, Melandri came off into the kitty litter pretty much in front of us. We blinked and missed it, but did get him walking back to the pits.


Valentino Rossi crashed out in the last round at a home race in Mugello, and is out with a shattered leg for who knows how long?

It was great to see so many get well wishes for him on this display board from his adoring fans.

Not me!

The Blades were doing a display on Saturday albeit in a different colour. They are now blue, sponsored by Barclays Bank.

I took the photo above last year at our local Shoreham airshow close to our home, when they were sporting a more striking Ducati Red colour!

It was a shame to miss the parachute display by the Red Devils on Friday, but we did get to see the eardrum-bursting display by the Typhoon Eurofighter on Sunday, which I have to say was as jaw-dropping as ever.

Love it!

Late afternoon we watched live music by groups in the Arena eZone, who were very good.

On Friday evening World Cup was being shown on the big screen. We stood bedraggled in the cold and rain to watch the whole 90 minutes of that very bad match England vs Algeria!

It really isn't worth doing a rewind on the football, but if you want to catch up with highlights from a day at Moto GP click here.

Rule Britannia, and Ducati!



BumbleVee said...

My sweetie is devastated that his hero is injured... but, of course, it doesn't prevent us from taping and watching all the racing... we haven't seen the race yet... so I won't spoil things and tell him anything about it.... he refuses to read any sports pages til after we watch the races....

I wondered when they said Rossi would be back in a few weeks.... broken legs don't heal that quickly.... My guy found that out after his spill at 160 mph.... it was several weeks lying in bed with it elevated so that a proper cast could be put on... and it still is not right... he decided he couldn't afford to race after missing a lot of work and also limping around for months.... and I think I'll be selling my motorcycle this too...he doesn't like to see me ride away without him... and he doesn't have a street bike anymore.... oh, well... been there done that...moving on... learning to golf now....

BumbleVee said...

just wanted to add....I wish they televised the qualifiers...we miss so much of the action not seeing that day's events... !!

JuicyFig said...

I am not into sports at all - but I think I would still say yes if someone gave me a day out like that!


twiggypeasticks said...

We went to Silverstone a few years ago, Mr Twigs auntie had organised a works jolly and had some spare ticketa. Twas fab and soooooo exciting!!
I'm so sorry about Rossi injuring his leg, he is fab isn't he?
Glad you had fun, it certainly got my heart pumping :)
Twiggy x

Karens Hopes said...

Looks like a very exciting day
we live fairly near Silverstone but never quite get round to going
I know my husband would love it.

acornmoon said...

It looks as if you had an exhilarating day out. Its the sort of thing that does not come across as well on the TV but in real life with all those sights, smells and noises, I bet it was great!

Simone said...

It looks like you both really enjoyed yourselves Louise! I am not really into the footie but I have watched a few World cup matches. I like to watch Formula 1racing even though I can't drive! I can't play football either!!! x

LizzieJane said...

My sisters husband goes to Silverstone... he is bike crazy. He is always trying to get me to go on his bike with him for a ride whenever I visit. So far I have resisted... chicken that I am! I am glad that you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Great photos - especially like the black and white one.