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curious calves and English idioms ...

These snapshots were taken whilst up on the South Downs, over the Bank Holiday weekend. There's more in the following post.

Don't you think these calves look pretty cute together?

When I'm blogging, I invariably find myself going off on a tangent.

In this post I deviated somewhat by looking up meanings of idioms and phrases. I find myself using them all the time.

Here's some cow related ones!

Awkward as a cow on a crutch - very clumsy or off balance.

Work your tail off - you work extremely hard.

All hat, no cattle - when someone talks big, but cannot back it up.

Chew the cud - you think carefully about something.

Until the cows come home - for a very long time.

Calf lick - a weird parting in your fringe where your hair grows in a different direction, usually to one side.

I've got one of those!


Simone said...

Lovely little calves! I like the sayings - I know the calfs lick one as a cows lick! I don't have one but always wished I did! X

JuicyFig said...

Gorgeous calfs - love the idioms - I have herd (sorry) a couple - but "awkward as a cow on crutches" - that is too funny! what a strange lot you are down south! ;~)


LizzieJane said...

What lovely little calfs. I have heard quite a few of these sayings. I miss this time of year in England when all the baby farm animals are born. I used to love to take walks in the country and see all the new baby lambs. Thanks for those lovely pic's.

Jane said...

cute calves! until the cows come home is a phrase I use! Jane x

Kathy said...

I too love idioms. I grew up on a cow/calf farm in Texas. We call it a cow lick. I knew all the others except the one about cows on crutches. That was new but I like it.

The first picture, the left calf seems to be thumbing his tail at us!

Rosie said...

Great photos! I love the quotes and sayings I've heard of some of them but not all - it is interesting how they change slightly around the diffeent counties of the UK :)

twiggypeasticks said...

Ooo they are sweet, we drive past a field of cuties on the way to our allotment, I want to steal one!!
Great sayings too
twiggy x

Jude@ThisJewels4You said...

What great photos! Lovely country side! Jude