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chasing one's tail ...

Of which I have been doing rather a lot of lately, being busy and not very productive.

We decided to make time on Bank Holiday Monday to get out on the bikes, finding ourselves parking up in the village of Southease, near Lewes in East Sussex, which meets up with the South Downs Way.

Somewhat sultry, and what with a steep incline and a blustery wind, I found the going a bit tough, to say the least!

J ended up cycling on ahead, as he needs to build up his fitness for the charity cycle ride he's doing at the end of July.

J's received £197 sponsorship so far for the British Heart Foundation, and J's employers have pledged to double the final total. How fantastic is that!

Talking of tails, it was a treat to be able to get up so close to the animals.

This lamb wasn't lost. Its mum was close by.

Aaah, or should I say Baa!

Back into the fold, with a huge expanse in which to roam, to run free without care or purpose.

Sounds like a good plan to me!


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Sarah said...

Lovely photo's! We were in Sussex during the week and funnily enough in Lewes on Monday!