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on two wheels ...

I've started cycling to work again.

Isn't this sketch lovely. By Ernest Howard Shepard, better known as the man who drew Pooh.



Kathy said...

You're very brave - I'd be terrified out on the busy roads.... and cycling gives me a numb posterior!!!!
I love the drawing!
Love Kathy xxx

LissyLou said...

good for you.....and yes, it is a lovely sketch. x

Simone said...

She looks most elegant on her bike! x

Kris said...

Lovely sketch! I have been a fan of E H Shepherd's work for most of my life. I always loved the illustrations of Pooh and his friends. Now I watch my grandson identify Pooh's friends from the illustrations. Eeyore is his favourite.

Well done on the cycling. My goal is to take my bike out for a ride more often too!

LizzieJane said...

How lovely that you can cycle to work and enjoy all that lovely fresh air on the way. Love the sketch... will you be wearing something like that to?

pebbledash said...

Good for you! Are you togged up like that too?