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sneaking seafront snaps and twiggypeasticks ...

On my way to work this morning I had a bit of spare time, so I snuck behind some beach huts to take the photo above. It's looking East into the sun along Lancing Beach.

I am very, very long overdue in thanking my good bloggy friend Sarah aka Twiggy, from The World of Twiggypeasticks for thinking of me when she was dishing out the above award. It's always nice to hear from you Twiggy.

Along with the award came a question, to name five things you enjoy doing. There's lots and lots of things, but I'm going to relate my answers to how great it is to live along the coast.

I enjoy cycling to work along the coastal path.
I enjoy picking up pebbles and shells with holes in and when I can find it, driftwood.
I enjoy eating fish bought from the local fishermen.
I enjoy eating Mr Whippies from the seafront cafe.
I even enjoy collecting seaweed, for my compost heap!

Twiggy also passed on this lovely Sunshine Award to me!

And talking of sunshine, today we were swathed in yet more of the glorious stuff. Even at 8.00 o'clock this morning it was shaping up to be a lovely day. The month of April this year really has been truly amazing.

And just to top it all, Twiggys only gone and sent me another one!
If you like, accept these three awards from me to you, and if you've the time let us know five things you enjoy doing?



twiggypeasticks said...

Shows what a top bloggy pal you are :)
twiggy x

Kathy said...

You're so lucky to live near the sea - I love walking along a deserted beach at the edge of the sea, but I only get the cahnce once in a blue moon.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend - how much longer can this weather last ?
Love Kathy xxx

Simone said...

Beautiful pictures Louise. The five things you enjoy doing sound good to me. I have not been to the British coast for a couple of years and I miss it so much. I think sitting on a pebbly beach in a warm gentle breeze would be one of lifes enjoyments for me. x

Jude@ThisJewels4You said...

I love the photo. Really cool! Thanks for sharing. Jude

Amanda and Tim said...

Look at you with al those awards!! We nearly went to the sea yesterday because it has been so very long since I went but unfortunately we didn't make it this time... I bet it has been just gorgeous this week though!

I just realised, with all that has been going on I still haven't replied to your email you sent so long ago, I am very sorry. I shall try and fish it out from my inbox (I am terrible at deleting junk mail so end up with ridiculous amounts of mail in there at times!) and reply soon xx

twiggypeasticks said...

And another award for you lady - check out my blog !!
Twiggy x

Rosie said...

How wonderful to see the sea everyday as you cycle on your way! I'm off to see the sea next week:)

Evelyn said...

Beautiful photos, especially the top one. A nice monotone...