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where the south downs meets the sea ...

Green Sussex fading into blue, with one grey glimpse of sea.

Beautiful Cuckmere Haven, where country and sea blend into one.

Sheep seem unphased when hanging off the steep slopes. The National Trust have reintroduced sheep and cattle to graze in this area.

The Cuckmere River meanders from the South Downs to the English Channel. A grey heron wades through shallow water, along with it a little egret.

The beach at Cuckmere Haven was featured in the 2007 film Atonement. A postcard of one of the three Coastguard Cottages overlooking the beach, was a central element of the plot with Robbie Turner focusing on it as the idyll where he and Cecilia Tallis would retire after World War II. The final sequence of the film with Robbie and Cecilia running in the waves was shot on the beach.

The chalk landscape is constantly changing. The cliffs are eroding at a rate of 30-40 cms each year.

Sea kale (crambe maritima). By May the buds have turned into flowers with yellow centres, with a honey scent.

The Coastguard Cottages as seen in the photo, once kept watch for contraband, a boom industry in these parts 200 years ago.
On the way home we stopped at Middle Farm, a working farm at the foot of Firle Beacon on the South Downs. The plant section being strategically placed at the entrance of the farm shop!
More wildfowl. Ducks relaxing and preening by the pond's edge.


LizzieJane said...

What wonderful photo's. When I used to live in Folkestone I remember the white cliffs eroding too. We were told not to go to close to the edge as the chalk was very crumbly.

Sal said...

It's a beautiful area, which I'd love to visit, Louise.
I was recently watching a programme about coastal erosion... but in Norfolk...quite frightening really!
Lovely photos ;-)

Carol said...

Thank you Louise for this post, I have not heard of this part. Is there camping nearby? such a lovely place I would like to visit oneday. Coastal erosion is quite scary but it is not new, i am sure of that. Our world has been changing since forever.
Carol x

Jane said...

I've never been to Cuckmere Haven, it looks a beautiful part of the coast. Jane x

Lesley said...

I love to armchair travel on your blog! Lovely photos especially that one of the bikes! And what an enticing farm shop, you'd have to drag me away!! x

Glo said...

A lovely spot, indeed! I love clicking on your photos and having them fill my whole screen :) Makes me feel like I'm right there. Another to put on my list of places to visit! Thanks also for the additional info :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. What a beautiful area I have yet to visit.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Louise!
I always look forward to and enjoy your posts very very much.
This was another beautiful read with breath-taking photographs.
Thank you

acornmoon said...

You are so lucky to live near the sea. I have enjoyed my virtual day trip via your blog.

Rosie said...

What a wonderful post - I really enjoyed reading all about Cuckmere Haven and your photos make me want to see it one day:)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello Louise!

I have not had a chance to see the movie "Atonement" as yet. Now I'll be looking for these lovely images of Cuckmere Haven when I do. It's a beautiful shoreline and looks so peacful. I'd collect some of those pebbles as a keepsake if I were there. Are there any pieces of sea glass amongst them?

Thanks you for your nice words about my little grandson. he is really the light of my life!

Have a good weekend!

Flighty said...

I've only been once, many years ago, but seeing this makes me want to visit there again.
I see herons very occasionally but have never seen a little egret! xx

daffy said...

Wow! I so enjoyed my visit Louise! You have taken some amazing shots! The first is breath-taking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise
Many thanks for you lovely comment.
A warm, happy (and hopefully sunny) weekend to you x

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Thank you for the trip out i enjoyed it so much x
I love that movie,i have watched it over and over again and how wonderful that it is a real place and not a screen set...your pictures are just wonderful!
Love Kristina XxX

Anonymous said...

These are all such beautiful pictures. I especially love the little costal cottages. I would love to live by the ocean or sea ♥

lou said...

Thanks for sharing Louise, such a beautiful place and gorgeous pictures.
I will make a note of that, I would love to visit there!
Love Lou xxx

méri said...

Such beautiful photos!
You live near a very pretty place, Louise.

Kim McBirnie said...

Beautiul post as usual, love love love your photo's.
Kim xx

carolyn said...

Fabulous day out thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to wish you a happy weekend Louise x
Love Kristina XxX

OhSoVintage said...

Stunning photos, Louise. I have never been here.
Ruth x

Wild Rose said...

What a beautiful place to visit Louise ~ how I miss the sea!

Marie x

Christy said...

what a beautiful, magical place!

the homely year said...

Hi Louise,
Lovely photos...would love a walk on that beach. And all those plants! Too hard to resist.
Margaret and Noreen