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What a difference a day makes, today storm clouds are looming with threat of rain.

We decided to get out and about early, and take a walk in West Sussex countryside at Shermanbury.

Through fields of yellow buttercups.

Along green country lanes.

Pink flowers of Red Campion amongst the hedgerows.

An old stump sits amongst white wildflowers.

No picnicking here for a while! Hmm, maybe down to the English weather?

We made the decision to cut our walk short and managed to leg it back to the car before the heavens opened.

On the way home we took refuge at The Orchard Restaurant in Cowfold, where we had a Full English breakfast!



The Good Life in Virginia said...

louise...beautiful captures. love them all. have a wonderful weekend.

Simone said...

Pretty country pictures Louise. I bet you was glad to have that breakfast after the weather took a nasty turn!x

méri said...

Pretty photos as usual!
Have a good Sunday!

Lavender hearts said...

Do you ever make it to Forest Row and Horsted Keynes (around that neck of the woods)? We've been spending a lot of time around Sedelscombe and Battle lately, lovely place! :-)

Gina said...

Love your lush, green countryside with pretty rambling wildflowers..and that brekky sounds like a great idea :)

Rosezilla said...

ooh, I love the buttercups! Yellow flowers just have a certain something... we're having rain too but it is much appreciated because we were so dry.

twiggypeasticks said...

Beautiful photos Louise, we still have blue skies up in Yorkshire. I have a real NEED for a full English now - yum
twiggy x

Rosie said...

What beautiful photos - a warm breakfast is just the thing after a walk in inclement weather:)

kelly said...

Wonderful wildflower pics! Wildflowers are my favourite.

...... Kristina ...... said...

Wonderful pictures Louise,
Just what i needed a virtual day out with a friend and a full english breakfast hehe.
I have painted so much outside today and just jumped out of the bath and came here to relax before bedtime,i love your posts.
Love KristinaXxX

Flighty said...

A walk in the countryside followed by a full English would do me anytime! xx

Sal said...

What a gorgeous post,Louise. ;-)

LizzieJane said...

I so love looking at all your wonderful photo's of the trips you take. It makes me wish I was in England again.