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port isaac in cornwall and mum ...

I love this photo of my mum, looking rather impish, thoroughly enjoying a treat of an ice-cream cornet! This would have been taken in the latter years of the 1940s when cream was still generally unobtainable. Ice-creams would have been based on substitutes, particularly evaporated milk, which was obtainable on a points system, or a mix of this and 'cream' made in a cream-making machine. Walls advertised ice-cream during the second world war with a 'Keep Cool, Keep Calm' campaign!

Today I spent some time looking through old family photos again! My mum passed away on a day very much like today, a beautiful, warm and sunny day, on the 5th of April 2002, so to have these memories of her in these photos, is so important to me.

Here, my mum is pictured with my uncle, granny and grandad in June 1958, on a beach in Wales. Over the years, many a holiday was spent together on the coast, often staying in the West Country.

I discovered a set of photos taken in Port Isaac in Cornwall, I'd imagine again taken in the late 1950s? These may be of some interest to anyone who originates from this area.

This one looking down from Tregarock Hill, having a Spring theme with the little lamb in the foreground, being quite interested in the camera lens!

This one looking down Fore Street. Enlarge the photo and you will see an ice-cream sign selling Walls!

I remember as a child, when staying in Port Isaac back in the 1970s, a kleptomaniac jackdaw followed us along streets like this, taking many a swoop down on me. It was after the shiny buckles on my shoes, for its ever expanding collection!

No information written on the back of this one! I do like the crookedness of these adjoined properties.

The Harbour, which reminds me of the TV series Doc Martin!

Chapel Street. I wonder whether the chapel was, or still is, at the top or the bottom of the hill?

The Harbour wall and small area of sandy beach.

I wish I had had these photos with me on a return visit to Port Isaac just a couple of years back. The next time we go, I shall take these photos along, to compare what, if anything at all, has changed?

For those of you who know Cornwall well, I would be so interested to hear of any information you may have of this area?


Carol said...

Hi Louise,
what lovely images of your Mother.
I do love the old black and whites.
I too spent many a summer in the west country. I am off to North Devon this summer, camping!
I have been to Cornwall, but I have no interesting information really.
Do you watch Coast, I do, over
and over again - as I have the DVD's.
There is so much interesting history about our coast.
Carol x

Simone said...

The photo's are beautiful. They seem so more mysterious being in black and white. When I was small I thought previous generations lived in a world without colour! Weird child!!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing photos of places from years ago - and comparing them with up to date ones. I'd love to visit Cornwall - never been there - yet.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Dear Louise..
I do hope this day brought back sweet memories for you although no doubt tinged with some sadness too.
It is wonderful to see your photos of Cornwall.. they could so easily be my own childhood snapshots ..

Thinking of you..
Michele xx

LissyLou said...

The photo of your mum is fab!

Cathy said...

Hello Louise
Who doesn't like Ice Cream - obviously your Mum did and you have the proof to keep for ever.:)
Keep those photos safe till the next time you are going that way
Take care

Acornmoon said...

I don't know Cornwall very well despite having enjoyed some lovely holidays there.

I am guessing that your mum was still a fairly young woman when she passed away? Anniversaries are always difficult, I am thinking of you and wishing you well and hope that your treasured memories are a comfort to you.

méri said...

Beautiful photos of your Mother! She's beautiful!

(have you received my e-mail?)

periwinkle said...

lovely pics , especially of your mum .. I think that sometimes black and white photos have more ' atmosphere ' about them ..
lisa x

LizzieJane said...

What lovely photo's and what lovely memories you have.

sheila said...

How funny - I was looking at those photos and thinking "That looks like Port Wenn from that show" when you mentioned it!

Beautiful black and whites.

Veronica said...

Lovely photos Louise - and I think the photo of your Mother eating the icecream is simply wonderful - certainly captured a child's delight in such a delicious treat. Hugs to you, Vxx

Anonymous said...

what lovely pictures I love old photos. Your mum looks like she is advertising the ice cream! Very pretty!

Lesley Todd said...

Photos are such precious things. I love the one of your mum and family. She looks so happy.

I've stayed in port isaac a couple of times and I'm racking my brains trying to think where the chapel is! I've just asked Mr P and he thinks it must be the top. It's such a beautiful place x

Lucy Bloom said...

How lovely to have those photograhic memories, they are wonderful. Hope you have a lovely Easter.
Lucy x

Jane said...

Photos are so special and i love the expression on your Mum's face with the ice-cream. I am sorry that I don't know Cornwall at all, Easter last year was the first time we had visited. Jane x

Elizabethd said...

I grew uo in Cornwall, but its years since I was in Port Isaac. I'm sure it wont have changed too much. Lovely photos.

Candytuft Corner said...

How lovely to have a collection of old photographs ~ so few exist in my family, as having a photograph taken in the 1940s's/1950's was a rare treat.

Happy Easter Louise

Marie x

Twiggy said...

Wonderful photos Louise
Twiggy x

Kim said...

Hi Louise, those photographs are fab. There's something about black and white images that conveys the mood of a place much better then colour does. I'm so sorry that your mum isn't with you anymore, but glad your you that you can remember her with so much love.
Happy Easter,
Kim xx

Kris said...

What lovely photos! How lucky you are to have them. I love photos of places then and now. Change is so interesting. If you go to Cornwall it would be interesting to see how it has changed!

Kris said...

Hi Louise! Me again. How did I not know about your webshop? Just noticed the button and had a little look around. Lovely stuff! I'll be back!

Rosie said...

How lovely to have these wonderful photos to keep as treasured memories of your Mum. Anniversaries are always difficult aren't they? My Mum's birthday was in April and we lost her in May 1999 - 10 years ago but it seems like yesterday.

The photos are wonderful and remind me of holidays we had in Cornwall when I was a child in the 1950s - the snaps I have of that time are so tiny:)

Primchick said...

Lovely images thanks for sharing...
Mario ;0)

OhSoVintage said...

I have been staying near Port Isaac this weekend. I was going to go but we chose to go to Padstow instead. I did see a poster advertising that they are auditioning for extras for Doc Martin at 2pm tomorrow! I do know the area quite well and stay in this area quite often as my mother has a caravan on a park at St Minver. She was also stationed in this area whilst in the wrens during the war.
Ruth x

walter and me said...

Hi Louise, what wonderful photographs and memories. You must miss your lovely Mum. Although I've been to Port Isaac several times I don't really 'know' it. But Pipany might, she's good on all things cornish!

Suburbia said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos and memories, what would we do without them?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's Louise. I particularly like your sweetly-cheeky looking mum with her ice cream cornet. Do you resemble her at all?

nikkipolani said...

A delightful post, Louise, full of happy nostalgia and scenes of your dear mother. I love, too, that you've digitized these old photos. Do you plan to visit the area in the near future?

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

I just love the old photos. We got a scanner for Christmas and I am having a blast scanning in stuff. Love the shots of your mum. Do you look like her?